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Why the World Is So Stressed Out Today


Brett Cotter


politics and government


Brett Cotter, the author of “3 Keys to Managing PTSD” and founder of Stress Is Gone, has over 20-years experience helping thousands of people recover from the most traumatic events of their lives.

Humanity is caught in a survival loop constantly creating more stress and anxiety. 

Why humanity is stuck on a treadmil of trauma. 


The following compounding factors keep humanity locked in cycles of stress: 

1. We were never taught how to properly process trauma and let go of stress

2. Stress accumulates subsciously and trauma stores in our body 

3. Over time layers of stress form tension that contort our body as fear distorts our perception reality 

4. We become hyper-reactive balls of stress compounded by centuries generational trauma effecting our epigenetics causing our genes express for more stress 

5. But what really locks us on a treadmill of trauma is human beings are subconsciously creating reality, moment by moment, and the subconscious is filled of stress.  

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