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TVGuestpert, 6547 Midnight Pass Road, #61, Sarasota, FL. 34242

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We have crossed over a decade of media development and platform building with the most extraordinary authors, experts, business owners and entrepreneurs one could encounter. As our experts' message and businesses have grown, we have grown too. On average, we receive 300+ booking leads a day for our Guestperts.


We produce Emmy qualified broadcast television shows and digital projects for many of our Guestperts. We've produced several nationally syndicated radio shows.


Our New York Times Bestselling Publishing company can get a finished manuscript on bookstore bookshelves nationwide within 6-9 months. It is this that I am most proud of, our distinction from not being a self-publishing company; however, we can teach authors how to successfully self-publish their book, if that is their avenue of choice.


We have tapped the best in social networking for our Guestperts which has included launching programs such as "365 Days of Social Media."


Our branding department is A-List in Talent. We have produced top-notch websites in a variety of codes. We shoot celebrity-style headshots, demo reels, speaker reels, and sizzle reels, and we have rocked many red carpet and backstage events at major Award Shows with our own books and Guestperts.


We have placed Guestperts into lucratively paid hosting, paid speaking, and paid spokesperson opportunities having negotiated solid deals.

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The TVGuestpert Logo is a Seal of Approval when placed on a Guestpert Profile. It let's you know that we produced the Guestpert's demo and/or results reel separating out those on this site that have not been produced by us.