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Recruiting like Pro Sports Teams


Herman DeBoard III


business and finance

Herman DeBoard is a speaker, author and successful entrepreneur building and selling companies in the technology and entertainment spaces. He has built technology used by organizations such as Sony, Warner and Universal Music Group. He is a Decorated Veteran of the United States Air Force and is currently working towards the goal of connecting the world like never before through his virtual surrogate travel app called Huvr.

Recruiting needs to be taken to the next level if the US Government and corporations plan to excel into the next level of growth. Using tactics that professional sports teams use to recruit pro players can attract the best talent from around the world and from inside the US.


Professional sports teams have a variety of methods when it comes to recruiting new players. Scouting staffs use film and live observations, interviews, and assessments at combines to evaluate potential prospects. They also rely on analytics, relying on the data gathered by scouts to make informed decisions about which prospects they should target. Teams may even take a look at college players’ stats, recent performances in all-star games, or their personal records. Teams form relationships with individual schools and recruiters in order to gain access to the best talent available. These relationships are critical for teams as they look for up-and-coming players who may fit into their system. Some teams even hold tryouts open to the public where anyone can attend and show off their talent. Talent may also be scouted at summer camps, or through referrals from other players, coaches, and instructors. All of these methods help teams to identify the best players that can contribute to their success on and off the field. The recruitment process is an important tool for professional sports teams in order to ensure they are bringing in the right players who have both physical skills and a commitment to excellence. Through careful scouting and assessment, teams are able to find talented players while also building a positive culture within their organization. As a result, teams can build successful programs where everyone works together towards common goals. By recruiting well, pro sports teams are better able to compete in their respective leagues and increase their chances of winning championships.


On the same note, every government organization and corporation should be using these same tactics to recruit the best possible talent available anywhere around the world. The United States should be recruiting the best immigrants from other countries and show them the path to a championship in their career field. On the same note, public and private companies should be using modern methods to recruit talent such as Huvr Platform that engages recruits in real time for campus tours, talks with leadership and more. Recruiting needs to be taken to the next level if the US Government and corporations plan to excel into the next level of growth.

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