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Earning Extra Money in a Recession


Herman DeBoard III


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Herman DeBoard is a speaker, author and successful entrepreneur building and selling companies in the technology and entertainment spaces. He has built technology used by organizations such as Sony, Warner and Universal Music Group. He is a Decorated Veteran of the United States Air Force and is currently working towards the goal of connecting the world like never before through his virtual surrogate travel app called Huvr.

With massive layoffs happening in the tech sector and everyone feeling the effects of inflation, more and more people are looking for work in the gig economy. This is one major reason I created a new type of gig economy platform with

The gig economy offers many benefits for people. Because most gigs are short-term, they offer greater flexibility than traditional jobs which require an employee to be available at certain times and locations. This makes it easier for anyone to fit their work around their life while still being able to earn extra money.  Secondly, because there are so many different types of gigs available – from writing and editing to web design and programming – finding something that matches your skill set should be relatively easy. Finally, working in the gig economy often doesn’t require any special qualifications or experience – all you need is determination and enthusiasm!


From Layoffs to Seniors Joining the Workforce

No matter if you have been laid off or if you a part of the 43% of people over the age of 55 who are looking to get back into the workforce, the gig economy can be a great place to start supplimenting your income., for example, gives anyone with a mobile device and a little knowledge of their local area, the ability to earn up to $42 per hour being a virtual tour guide for virtual travelers from around the world.


How Can You Get Started in the Gig Economy?
If you’re interested in getting started in the gig economy there are plenty of websites where you can find gigs such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru and All these sites offer different types of gigs from thousands of employers who are looking for motivated and talented individuals! Before applying for any gigs make sure you read each job description carefully so that you know exactly what’s required of you before taking on a project – this will help ensure that both parties understand what they’re getting into before committing themselves! Once you find a suitable job then simply apply through the companies website!


The gig economy offers anyone a great way to make money while having complete control over their schedules. With thousands of different types of gigs available online it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that matches your skillset! Just remember to read through each job description carefully before applying so that everyone involved knows exactly what they’re getting into from the start! Good luck! And we hope you give Huvr a chance.

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