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Reiki and Addiction Recovery


Keli Kane


addiction and recovery

Keli has a Bachelor of Science Degree, and a Master of Science in Education Degree. Through her life journey Keli has suffered and overcome many unforeseen changes, traumas, and upheavals. Keli has used her God given gifts to not only change her own life but others’ as well through energy healing. She has also studied Shamanism and became an Usui Reiki Master and Teacher.

Happiness is a state of being. At times it can occur naturally and other times it requires a conscious decision to do the work.  Happiness doesn’t come to you, it has to come from within you. 


Healing depression is an ongoing process that requires perseverance even when you feel like you have nothing left to give yourself. It’s important to make the choice to invest in yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s the daily choices one makes each day that adds to an individual's happiness despite circumstances that arise.


What do you read? What do you watch? What music are you listening to? Who do you share your energy with? What are you feeding your soul? These choices define a person and add up to keep one in a happy state of mind. Focus on what you want to be, and be thankful for what you have. Do your best to live in the moment and not the memories of the past or the worry of the future. Change your mindset to remember that every day is a new beginning. Live by that phrase “one day at a time” because saying that to yourself when no one can be around to say it to you is critical. Smile, breathe, refocus, and try again. Love yourself a little extra on the emotionally trying days. Choosing to heal spiritually with an open heart is exactly what I’ve done but it’s a continual process.


It’s important for you to understand why I have advice to offer on the topic of healing depression with a loving heart. I’ve been a Reading Specialist for grades K-12 in the same school district since 2003. I’ve always poured my heart into everything I do since the very first day running around shouting “feel the love” to everyone. I’m definitely a hugger, and thoroughly enjoy blowing kisses to everyone. Working with such unique cases and under extreme scenarios much of the time has always taught me to think outside of the box, always finding the good in everyone and every situation. Considered a “gifted Empath” I use my gift to deeply connect to people.


In the year 2014 I was struck; blindsided by a drunk driver four times over the legal limit. The injuries I sustained were a traumatic brain injury, torn right shoulder, neck trauma, left hand finger torn, and left side hip pains. It took me years of physical training (neck, shoulders, back, left hip side, and left hand), prescribed medications for pain, injections in my shoulders, neurofeedback, and cranial sacral therapy to name a few of the several healing paths I took for rehabilitation. I attended neurofeedback for one and a half years. During this time I was deemed “mentally disabled”. I lost the ability to form complete sentences, write, and had short term memory loss to the point of not remembering the words I spoke just moments before. I lost my sense of humor as I couldn’t process information correctly causing me to lose my fun loving and playful personality. I was so angry that I had lost my identity, fearful that I would never find myself again. Truth be told I didn’t! I just created a new me with an unconditional love that I showed myself. I am still seeing the amazing psychologist Dr. Mark Hammel that has been my grounding force through all of my traumas in the past 8 years. I saw a total of 14 specialists, PT's, etc. to rehabilitate including the unorthodox ways of healing.

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