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Advocating for Your Health with your Insurance Company - Post-Covid


Alexis Rosenberg, Esq


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Alexis Rosenberg, Esq. appears regularly on television as a legal analyst and co-founded the law firm of Rosenberg Law PA with her husband, Bruce. The boutique civil litigation firm has offices on both coasts of Florida, focusing on business and healthcare; as a founding partner, her practice areas include health care law, insurance disputes, business litigation, and personal injury.

Although heavily regulated, Private Health Ins. is a contract, especially if it is an Obama policy that provides additional protection but still a private contract, and therefore contract law does apply.



-Private Health Ins Co (gov’t entitlements are a little different) has an administrative process that needs to be followed before you can go into court and sue them in court.

-There are reasons why the claim is denied, such as the referring physician did not document the medical records, and additional documentation needs to be sent to the insurance.

-The insurance company may deny due to medical necessity, and once the medical records are provided then, they will provide coverage

-The explanation of benefits will state the basis for denial. Provide additional documents and go through the appeals process within a specific period.

-If the appeal/administrative process with the insurance company is denied at the end of the day, you may file suit against the insurance company. 


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