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What is Spirituality?


Keli Kane


health, fitness, and beauty

Keli has a Bachelor of Science Degree, and a Master of Science in Education Degree. Through her life journey Keli has suffered and overcome many unforeseen changes, traumas, and upheavals. Keli has used her God given gifts to not only change her own life but others’ as well through energy healing. She has also studied Shamanism and became an Usui Reiki Master and Teacher.

I've been a spiritually gifted  Empath from an early age. During my youngers years in life I people were not really able to share or find others to learn how to "spiritually protect" one's self or how to enhance one's natural gift.


I have always been a spiritual person sampling churches everywhere, reading spiritual or enlightening books, etc. I have always been drawn to the self-help and self-improvement books. Inherently I knew to stay on top of self development.


In 2014 after I was struck by a drunk driver and given a terrible diagnosis of being mentally diabled for almost two years, I decided to do whatever I needed necessary to fight back and gain the most of "myself" back possible. I had ideas that I could be the person I was... but I actually had to create a new identity with gifts. The person who I was before died in that accident and that was the most painful and horrific loss I have ever felt in my life.


While attending neurofeedback for those one and a half years, I was also seeing several other specialists (14 people in total). I turned to Reiki healing training at the same time while seeing a Shaman. At that time I was actually seeing two Shamans. While working with the Shamans I cleared away more than just the trauma from the accident. 


I have a unique perspective because I kept all of my medical doctors while working with healers of the spiritual world. The combination proved successful. I still speak with my Psychologist and he knows very well how spiritual I am and it enhances my healing process.


I am friends with many published mediums and psychics. I have been working with several of them for years to also enhance my healing. I was simply not going to accept the diagnosis I was handed. I am so glad that I listened to the messages my spirit guides and ancestors have sent to me. 


I strongly advise searching into your soul and developing yourself. Clearing your personal energy, the space that you live in, etc is just as essential as taking your vitamins and drinking water every day.

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