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Alton Pete


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Alton E. Pete is retired from the United States Army and the author of, Life is so Precious.

Current Statistics: PTSD affects 3.5 % of adults each year. Between 7 and 8% of the U.S. population are affected with PTSD. 1 in 11 people will be diagnosed with some form of PTSD in their lifetime. Women are twice as likely as men to experience PTSD. 


Depression is considered to be a mood disorder that affects an individual’s daily life activities. Caused by certain medications, physical and mental abuse, the death and loss of a love one or conflict. These actions will cause one to be extremely sad, angry, hopeless, lonely and experience low self-esteem. Over 8% of adults have suffered some signs of depression in one way or another, children and teenagers as well. The best course of action to defeat this illness is to speak with a qualified professional therapist and get help right away. 


There are three ethnic groups who are disproportionately affected and with higher rates with PTSD, Depression; they are African Americans, Latinos and American Indians from lack of resources for support. Yet, it remains unclear why some people develop PTSD more than others. 


The Pandemic, Recent Wars with Veterans and difficulty navigating life has increased the levels of suicide with record high numbers among adults. Children and teenagers are often drawn to drugs and alcohol. Feeling disruptive, lonely and hurting themselves. Suicidal thoughts can strike at anyone, anytime and any where. Regardless of age, gender and background. Having difficulties dealing with life, relationships, money, bullying, failures and disappointments does contribute to these thoughts. It’s unclear why men commit suicide more than women. But, today if anyone is fighting these kinds of thoughts. There are several Associations and National Prevention Lifeline Services to reach out for Counselors to provide aide for your condition. 


PTSD is intense with disturbing thoughts and feelings lingering around long after the traumatic event has passed. PTSD does lead one into Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger, Lack of Sleep, and many more Mental Disorders deriving from a prolong traumatic, stressful, distressing and dragged out negative experience. Life threatening accidents and physical injuries or verbal abuse could also leave a life long lasting affect as well.

The First thing one should do to minimize and to alleviate this mental disorder, is to recognize the issue and get help immediately at a local clinic, a qualified Doctor for PTSD and/or seek a Behavioral Therapist for prompt treatment before anything gets worse. And it’s all okay! 

Next, accepting a PTSD diagnose does not mean a person is weak. It means a person cares enough about their life and others around. Try picking a close friend or family member to confide with that you trust. Practice relaxing, yoga, Pilate to use for meditational healing. And of course, exercising, some physical positive activities, indoors or outdoors will provide all the care one may need. 


We lost a very dear and close Soldier/Friend to suicide. I think about this close friend all the time because I knew him. We went to Battle in Iraq together, we took great care of the soldiers together. We were like brothers! Just seen him a month prior before he took his life. I didn’t see any signs of this illness hanging over his head. It was the start of another holiday season, perhaps he was hiding it from me. I later found out, that he was battling being back home. Which is totally and completely different from being on the Battlefield. His conflict was fighting to stay alive instead of enjoying the Freedom back on the American soil. He’s another reason why I wrote the book “Life is so Precious.”


I have experienced serve anxiety, lack of sleep, moments of PTSD from staying in a confined location for my time at War in Iraq for 16 long dangerous months. Leaving me in an intricate position with those horrible nightmares until this very day. Having my heart and thoughts racing like a hot rod on the race track. Seeking therapy, counseling, exercising was my Outlet and my Best friend because I’ve gotten so much better through the sessions at Travis Airforce Base and the VA.


Now, I’m humbled, hungry, thirsty and so ready to do more and to do much better in all the communities, all ages and all cultures. 

Why I wrote the book “Life is so Precious?” I wrote this book to resonate with everyone because I have compassion and a genuine heart for all people. After seeing over 10 countries throughout my military career gave me an inspiration to write. Seeing and meeting some Germans, Yugoslavians and Czechoslovakians in Germany may have sparked the writing. 


Self Discovery: A very impeccable/feasible  way for everyone to Heal, Reflect, Regain, Rebuild what was lost and Transition into a Ray of Hope, Self Finding, Self Love, Self Exploring and basically relearning the person we all have changed to become. Changes are uncomfortable like Faith. But, needed and necessary for Personal Growth and to bring the Greatness out of us.

Everyday and every morning we wake up is like a New Day of Mercy, Energy, a Fresh Mind and a New Start for something Extraordinary. Starting over sometimes is alright, it’s not a bad thing. Just as long as one finds and love themselves all over again. The path is more clear and brighter to travel on. 

I would highly advise adults, teenagers, children and everyone who can to take a Nature Walk on a hiking trail or footpath in a Safe Area. Wear your mask, bring your water bottle to stay hydrated and to simply enjoy the surroundings of nature. The sound and touch of the wind. The sounds and sights of the different types of birds flying around nearby. Explore the colorful trees and bushes, the shape of the terrain, hills, vegetation and rocks. Watch out for any snakes and Please Do Not Try To Pick One Up.

Most importantly, appreciate You, you are Amazing, you are Valuable; these are some of the benefits for Self Discovery and Health Recovery, Self Belief and that Self needed Time for yourself. If nothing else, You owe You.

This will minimize and reduce the stress levels. Lower your blood pressure, calm down the storms and also to lift up those Positive Spirits towards Happiness to smile for a while. This is an excellent way to Pivot/Shift, regroup and restore the confidence, courage and enthusiasm to be reminded how much Your “Life is so Precious.” Together We Stand, Together We Can Defeat Anything and Together We Win.

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