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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Right


Dr. Sheila Forman


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Dr. Sheila Forman, a former practicing attorney, has PhD in psychology, and is a one of the first qualified Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training (MB EAT) Instructors in the world. Often characterized as having the mind of a lawyer and the heart of a therapist, Dr. Sheila has devoted over twenty years to helping people address weight and food issues by focusing on the emotional aspects of overeating.

Just go to any playground or schoolyard in town and you will see more overweight kids than at any other time in history. Childhood obesity is growing in alarming rates. Since 1980, obesity has more than doubled in children ages 2 to5 and tripled in children ages 6 to 11. The “cure” for childhood obesity rests with the parents.



How to Get Your Kid to Eat Right:

  • The US Surgeon General office recently announced that when parents eat well and exercise regularly the odds are that their kids will too.
  • Parents need to be role models for their children. You need to walk the walk and talk the talk!
  • Stock your kitchen with lots of delicious healthy treats and snacks – such as: frozen grapes, whole grain crackers, air popped popcorn.
  • Get your kids involved – shop, cook and plan with them.
  • Eat as a family so your kids can see you eating whole healthy foods.
  • Plan family exercise time- a bike ride on Sundays, everybody walks the dog after dinner, once a month you all wash your car by hand
  • Limit TV and computer time and emphasize active activities.

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