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Five Tips On Keeping Our New Year Resolutions


Peter Alessandria



Born and raised in the NYC area, Peter attended college and law school in Upstate New York. After law school, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an entertainment attorney. Today he the author of, Be Bigger Than You Think You Are, is a speaker and teacher, as well as an award-winning, internationally published, fine art, portrait and commercial photographer.

Five easy ways to stick to your New Year's Resolutions or Other Goals. These work for everything from losing weight to saving more money to having a better relationship with your spouse, parents or kids.


1. Think Small

Yes, you read that right – start with small easily achievable goals. One of the most common ways we sabotage ourselves when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions is by going too BIG. Then, when we miss one or two milestones, we feel so far away from what we set out to do that the natural inclination is to give up. There’s no guarantee of success in life, but there is one guarantee of failure: that’s if we give up! So set small, easily achievable goals and then acknowledge yourself for a job well done.


2. Accountability Counts

Find a action buddy to help you stay on track. Connect with them on a daily basis for mutual encouragement and support. By being accountable to another person we’re much more likely to stick with our resolutions. It’s also great to support someone else in achieving their goals. One of the surest ways to keep our own New Year’s Resolutions is to help someone else keep theirs.


3. Expect Failure

What this means is, don’t be surprised if you get off track. Getting off track isn’t the problem: not getting back on track is. Airplanes flying on automatic pilot are almost always off course. But their internal guidance system is constantly correcting for that and eventually the plane makes it to its destination. So when you notice you’re off-track, acknowledge it and then readjust your efforts. It’s also helpful to forgive ourselves when we get off course or make a mistake (see #5 below).

Remember: we get to decide how we define “failure.” Listen to almost any interview with a successful person and you’ll hear how their greatest failures often led to their greatest success. They learned something important in turning their business – or their life – around. So instead of labeling something a failure, how about “learning opportunity”, “teachable moment” or “one step closer to my goal”?


4. Make Fear Work for You

When it comes to realizing any goal, fear is often the biggest obstacle. Whether we’re afraid of failure or success, fear creates resistance and resistance means we put off doing what we need to do to get to where we want to be. Turns out “procrastination” is just a five syllable word for fear.

The key is to understand that the situation is never the problem; the problem is always and only how we see ourselves in that situation. When we change how we see ourselves, the fear disappears. Telling yourself, “I got this!”, “I can do this!” etc., can go a long way towards turning the fear into a positive energy that propels you to success!


5. Be Your Own Best Friend

Self-recrimination is the fastest way to abandon our New Year’s resolutions. Beating ourselves up for anything makes it much less likely that we’ll reach our goals. When we stop hating ourselves and start loving ourselves no matter what we do, we’re much more likely to stick to our resolutions. Self-love and self-forgiveness are the surest ways to success in anything we do.


Peter Alessandria is a professional photographer and former Entertainment Attorney based in the New York City area. He recently published his first self-help book entitled, “Be Bigger Than You Think You Are!® Overcoming Our Self-Imposed Limits to Have the Life We Want.” In it, he talks about how he overcame his paralyzing fear of criticism and rejection and eventually went on to win more than 70 Awards for his photography. His pictures have been featured on the National Geographic website, the Huffington Post, “LIVE with Kelly,” NBC-TV NY, Fox TV NY, The Weather Channel and more. He’s also an Official Photographer for Fireworks by Grucci® and has travelled the world photographing their performances. Peter presents “Bigger Than You Think You Are!”® workshops and classes, and is available for one-on-one coaching and business consulting. Learn more at

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