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What Needs to be Checked Before Selling your House?


Toni Patillo


Real Estate

Toni Patillo has spent the last two decades establishing herself as one of Los Angeles s premiere experts in real estate, business, and mindset. Whether through her work as Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo Associates or host of the beloved Call Toni Real Estate Radio program, she has made a career of empowering people to improve their lives and their communities. Now, with the launch of lsquo Empowered Mindset, she is inspiring her clients to tap into their genius and design lives and businesses that function in a state of Flow.

As a Listing Specialist for the past 18 years, I’ve had extensive exposure and experience with coaching homeowners on how to prepare the home for sale and what things to look out for. Here are just a few: 


1) Some of the most common "hidden" problems that negatively affect homes which homeowners should be aware of is moisture. Water getting into the home creates moisture, that moisture left unattended will lead to mold.     

2) There are a few specific physical areas of the home that should be checked by those who plan to sell their homes and even those planning to remain there as long as possible? Roof, Drainage, Sewer Pipes, these are all related to keeping the water away from the foundation and interior areas of the home. I would recommend routine maintenance on these systems to ensure a challenge free home.

3) It is my strong opinion that a homeowner should have a professional inspector come out to do a complete general inspection checking all systems, electrical, plumbing, roof. This will be the best $500 you’ll ever spend as it prevents any surprises and aids you with pricing the home. This will truly prepare you for the sale!

4) I would say you want to declutter and depersonalize. A neat, tidy, clean, light and airy space always enhances the way in which your home shows. Be sure to remove all personal pictures and memorabilia - these are things that are special to you but may be unappealing to the Buyer. You want to create an environment where the Buyer can imagine their own things in the space.  

5) There are many resources to assist with the preparation of the sale of your home as well as general maintenance for home health. I would start with an experienced Listing Specialist (a Realtor that specializes in Selling Homes, this person should understand pricing, marketing, negotiating and closing), a Professional Home Stager/Designer, this person should understand trends, design, floor plans, a well-connected Contractor, this professional should have an overall knowledge of all your systems and structural details of the home, but more importantly they should have their own vetted resources as it pertains to each of the systems i.e. electrician, plumbers, HVAC vendors, roofers and landscapers.

6) Presentation is everything, but Pricing is most important. 

Bottom line All the items above need to be checked before selling your home  






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