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Today's Super- Luxury Buyers


Toni Patillo


Real Estate

Toni Patillo has spent the last two decades establishing herself as one of Los Angeles s premiere experts in real estate, business, and mindset. Whether through her work as Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo Associates or host of the beloved Call Toni Real Estate Radio program, she has made a career of empowering people to improve their lives and their communities. Now, with the launch of lsquo Empowered Mindset, she is inspiring her clients to tap into their genius and design lives and businesses that function in a state of Flow.

This is a great topic. I am currently coaching a female millennial  realtor who specializes in luxury and her median price point is 4 to 5 million. Her niche is representing young professional millennial Buyers who are RICH, tech  tycoons, entertainment or sports Businesses celebrities and owners, entrepreneurial, self-made millionaires and trust babies. I would say it’s a combination of Old and New Money. From what I’ve seen many of these young executives are making serious money in their businesses, however it’s quite common to see the “gift letters” coming from a parent or other family member who’s stepping up to support one or those who are looking to get into the real estate game.  


As it relates to what amenities these Buyers are looking for – they are Bold Minimalist, they love modern, contemporary, clean lines, lots of open space, lots of light, in-door/outdoor living. Many of these Super-Luxury Buyers are entrepreneurs and have designed a laptop lifestyle which dictates that they can literally work from anywhere in the world (and they do!). These Buyers love to have their freedom and that goes for inside and outside the home.

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