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How to Use Key Words to Sell or Buy a Home


Toni Patillo


Real Estate

Toni Patillo has spent the last two decades establishing herself as one of Los Angeles s premiere experts in real estate, business, and mindset. Whether through her work as Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo Associates or host of the beloved Call Toni Real Estate Radio program, she has made a career of empowering people to improve their lives and their communities. Now, with the launch of lsquo Empowered Mindset, she is inspiring her clients to tap into their genius and design lives and businesses that function in a state of Flow.

There are various triggers that motivate homeowners to sell and motivate buyers looking to purchase –

Those triggers are called “Key Words” and they are the connectors to ones emotions and desires. “Key Words and Phrases” allow you to get very specific about your services. Key Words are terms that your serious buyers and sellers will be using. You should want to be the Realtor that “specializes” in something. No one wants to work with a “generalist” , they want to work with someone who specializes in a specific geographic area, or with a specific demographic (i.e. first time buyers, 50+ and senior transitions, divorce, probate, bankruptcy, short sales etc..)


Since the majority of Buyers and Seller’s start their searches online, it’s very important that you tap into using these Key Words and Phrases in your online marketing posts so that you can show up in the Google searches in prime position. Highlight the “Key Words and Phrases” multiple times within your posts so that they can see you are an expert in the specific area. It’s not so much about your level of success and accomplishment as it is about their seeing that you have what they are looking for.  


Facebook is one of the most popular places for people to be and see your advertisement, so “Key Words and Phrases” are paramount in getting LEADS. How these “Key Words and Phrases” are used will determine their desire to work with you or at least meet you to have a consultation. The CLOSE and CONVERSION is on You! Remember it’s all about CONNECTING with people.

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