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Top 10 Drugs and Herbal Solutions for Your Healing


Mr. Peter Bedard MA, C.Ht.


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After a near-death experience, Peter Bedard was faced with the greatest challenge of all: Living a life in severe physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. The former dancer soon discovered that the anger and frustration he felt because of his injuries were not only keeping him in pain, but were waiting to teach him the greatest gifts of his life.   Now, a celebrated author and healer, he helps thousands of people globally to live a life of full potential while integrating the lessons of pain into balanced living. Peter is the owner of and Peter's book, Convergence Healing: Healing Pain with Energetic Love, is in bookstores now! His newest book, "When Happiness is Work, A 30 Day Guide to Creating a Life of Joy and Healing Depression" is taking pre-orders NOW prior to publication!

In an effort to encourage people to choose natural/holistic healing methods before pharmaceutical drugs I’ve compiled the list below to give people ideas for choosing food as a medicine. Herbs are Mother Nature’s way of sharing healing with us. Often the very pharmaceutical drugs that are so readily prescribed have a natural source at the root of their effectiveness – Mother Nature’s solution as compared to a chemists’ solution . The options below are possible solutions for helping you to heal and feel better and are in no way meant as a prescription. Always follow your own intuitive sense to decide what is right for you, your body, and your health.

The following list of drugs and the number of prescriptions handing out every year was compiled by (article 820011#20). Millions of pills are handed out every year to help people feel better. In my experience, pharmaceutical drugs (and surgeries) should be a last resort especially when study after study is showing us the power of natural healing and the side effects of many drugs often cause the need to take another drug and create and even greater sense of dis-ease. Sometimes the effectiveness rate of an actual pharmaceutical drug is equal to or worse than a holistic solution. Take high blood pressure for example, studies have shown that meditation is actually more effective than any drug on the market in lowering an individual’s blood pressure.

When going a holistic/herbal route, it is important to consult a professional herbalist, Chinese Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, and/or Ayurvedic Doctor to guide your use and uptake of the herbs. Proceed with confident caution.

  • Synthroid (Levothyroxine) is for low thyroid - 23,452,848 prescriptions per year. Bugleweed for Hyperthyroidism and Bladderwrack for Hypothyroidism. Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, and Echinacea for both conditions.
  • Crestor is statin drug for cholesterol - 23,292,568 prescriptions per year.
    There are actually several herbs that have been used traditionally to reduce cholesterol – Alfalfa, Capsicum, Garlic, Psyllium, Red Yeast Rice, Fenugreek, Butcher’s Broom, Guggul, Licorice Root, and Hawthorne Berry.
  • Nexium is proton pump inhibitor for acid reflux (decreases acid in the stomach) - 20,156,519 prescriptions per year.
    Licorice Root, Dandelion Root, Fennel Seed, Wormwood, Yellowdock, Slippery Elm, and Turmeric. Also, Apple Cider Vinegar is a huge natural remedy with no side effects and it supports the “good” flora needed in the gut.
  • Cymbalta is antidepressant (works to increase levels of serotonin and norepinephrine) and also helps with nerve pain - 18,864,818 prescriptions per year.
    Some herbs that can help with depression are Rhodiola Rosea, St. John’s Wort, Camu Camu, Ashwagandha, and Maca.
  • Ventolin HFA - fast acting inhaler for shortness of breath or wheezing - 17,371,422 prescriptions per year.
    Herbs that have shown to assist with reducing pulmonary inflammation and wheezing are Nettle, Licorice Root, Ginger, Chamomile, Passionflower, Mullein, and even green tea itself. A simple home remedy that is quite effective is to boil 10 garlic cloves in a cup of milk and drink it, preferably overnight.
  • Advair Diskus - has two ingredients, is preventative for asthma and wheezing, has a long acting bronchodialator and also a steroid to reduce the swelling and inflammation - 16,290,417 prescriptions per year.
    Some additional herbs that are helpful for asthmatic and even bronchitis healing are Alfalfa, Blue Violet Leaf, Burdock, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Echinacea, Elderberry, Elecampane, Fenugreek, Honeysuckle, Lemon Balm, Licorice Root, Linden Flower and Leaf, Lobelia, Lungwort, Oat Straw, Red Clover, and Thyme.
  • Diovan - is angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) for blood pressure - 12,656,244 prescriptions per year.
    Besides making small changes in every day habits and learning stress reducing techniques, there are several herbs that have traditionally been shown to reduce blood pressure. They are Garlic, Hibiscus (Jamaica) Flower, Cocoa, Green Tea (just watch the caffeine…a compound in green tea, EGCG has been found to actually lower the diastolic blood pressure, British Journal of Nutrition. Other holistic health practices can also help reduce blood pressure such as yoga, diet, exercise, hypnosis, and meditation.
  • Vyvanse - a new version of methamphetamine for ADD - 10,525,976 prescriptions per year.
    Besides making dietary changes as well as learning practices that help to discipline the mind like yoga and meditation, there are quite a few herbs that can help with ADD and ADHD like symptoms. They are Gingko Biloba, Brahmi, Centella Asiatica, Skullcap, St. John’s Wort, Chamomile, Schisandra Berry, Rooibos, Ashwaghanda Root, Siberian Ginseng, Lavender, and Hawthorne. Famed Dr. Andrew Wiel says that there are no herbs that directly address ADD/ADHA issues but herbs like Valerian Root and St. John’s Wort are showing to be helpful in easing the condition.
  • Lyrica - is for nerve pain and seizures - 9,560,440 prescriptions per year.
    Herbs that assist in healing nerve pain are Corydalis, Valerian Root, Meadowsweet, Devil’s Claw, and Capsaicin (the ingredient that makes peppers hot).
    Herbs that can assist in helping heal seizures are Passion Flower, Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, European Mistletoe, and Black Walnut Hulls. A promising herb from the Ayurvedic tradition is Bacopa as it traditional is thought to “protect the brain.
  • Spiriva Handihaler - is an inhaler for emphysema and COPD - 9,516,246 prescriptions per year.
    Some herbs that are showing promise in helping to heal emphysema are Cardamom, Elecampane, Eucalyptus, Horsetail (also known as Shave Grass), Ginseng, Garlic, and Ivy Leaf. Traditionally, Mullein is a natural expectorant that can help to clear the lungs.

Although I have personal experiences and countless stories about people healing themselves using natural remedies I must also encourage you to not stop taking your medication(s) without first discussing this with your doctor. Hopefully your doctor is open to natural healing remedies and he/she is willing to work with you in creating a balance of allopathic and holistic medicines to support your healing. If not and you do decide to use herbs be sure to consult a professional herbalist or Naturalpathic Doctor first to assist you in your healing. Herbs DO NOT replace your medications. If you are currently taking a medication DO NOT stop taking your medication. Do NOT alter your dosage without your doctor’s approval and supervision. My hope is that you turn to natural healing remedies before pharmaceutical drugs and that you take a preventative approach to healing BEFORE becoming dependent on pharmaceuticals


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