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How To Build An Influencer Studio At Home


Shannon O'Dowd


entertainment & celebrities

Shannon O'Dowd is an on-camera host, commercial spokesperson, and media trainer/on-camera hosting instructor. Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for well over a decade.

How To Build An Influencer Studio At Home:


Here’s a picture/list of all the tools I have and recommend for at home use... Remember, having your own equipment will set you up for success as a host, actor, TV personality, influencer, expert and more!




-Camera: Canon XLR with both an audio input AND output. It's the only way to hear how your sound is while you're recording. I have 60D camera  and although I love the camera, it is the one thing that is lacking. Sony also makes a good camera in the Sony Handycam AX100 (or better). But let's also be real honest, if you have a 4K camera like a iPhone XR (or better), you are going to be doing pretty well with your image quality. Cameras just also have the ability to handle pro audio equipment, which is important when doing videos. Anyone who works in the technical side of tv/film will tell you if you want something to really seem pro, audio is key (although the gritty natural quality from a phone is super popular, at least right now, in the influencer space).

-Takstar SGC598 Shotgun Mic. This is a great affordable shotgun mic that really gets the job done if you need better sound than what the camera can pick up. Rode is probably the best mic out there, but I like this one a lot for a cheaper price point. Teleprompter set-up with iPad. If you are doing an online course, do instructional/educational content, or just have a lot of information you want to relay and don't want to forget key points, a teleprompter is a must. And now that they have teleprompter set-ups with iPads, it is so affordable. I got this set-up for $260. Which doesn't include the iPad. 

-Albott 70 inch tripods: You want to make sure you tripod is going to be tall enough when you need it to be and not so flimsy you are afraid to put your equipment on it. There are tons of tripods out there that are super cheap and don't extend high enough for anyone of normal height to do standup content when necessary. This is a really good option. 

-Sennheiser EW 100 lav kit: Sennheiser is the best lavalier audio equipment.  Period. It's also pricey, but worth it. I don't even mess around with less expensive brands. If you do some research, you can also find gently used kits on Ebay or Craigslist. Don't go to anything older in version than EW 100. 

-Neewer 700w lighting kit : This lighting kit is a great deal! You can just search this kit online and get it for $70, which includes the lights and a great case. 

-Eocean Selfie Tripod Stick w/Bluetooth remote: This selfie stick extends out to a full size tripod! I make all my clients get this for self-tapes (auditions you have to record on your own and send in) as well as to practice in between our coaching sessions. This is also so great if you want to do video content on your phone. You can get your shot set up, put your phone in the selfie stick, and then grab the remote that has it's own little home at the bottom of the stick. The remote is linked via bluetooth to your phone so you can press the record button from your remote and it will start and stop the video recording from wherever you have positioned yourself for the shot. This is only $20 on Amazon. A must have! 


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