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What GOALS should really stand for


Ivy Slater


Career and Workplace

Ivy Slater is a professionally certified business coach, speaker, international best selling author and podcast host. As CEO of Slater Success, Ivy works closely with C Suite executives and upper level managers to advise and create clear strategies that provide instant and long term impact on businesses. She speaks all over the country at corporate conferences, seminars, and workshops on the topics of leadership, sustainable growth and sales.

If you truly want to accomplish your goals, use the simple Slater Success GOALS formula to find consistent success. 



G is for Goal. Establish it and make sure it follows the guidelines of SMART goals. Specific, this is my favorite. Measurable, so you have clarity when you achieve it. Achievable, relates to your actions. Relevant, keeps us in check. Time-Based, create that deadline. 

"A goal is a dream with a deadline." - Napolean Hill 

O is for Objective. Why is this goal important to you? Follow-through can be weak without a defined reason behind your goal.

A is for Actions. Look at what you need and create action items around each step. If you need more support from your team, set an action item to delegate, follow-up, etc. Start small and create 3 action items to get started. Plans with a strategy behind them make them achievable. 

L is for Leverage. What is working and what is not? Evaluate often. Leverage this knowledge. 

S is for Success. Celebrate the baby steps and the big steps. Shift your mindset. When you are in a celebratory mindset, you can do bigger and greater things. Nothing is too minor. Just like everyone is in awe when a baby takes their first steps, find the people that will relish in your baby steps, too. Do that happy dance! Reach those goals. 

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