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How To Build Relationships


Ivy Slater


Business and Finance

Ivy Slater is a professionally certified business coach, speaker, international best selling author and podcast host. As CEO of Slater Success, Ivy works closely with C Suite executives and upper level managers to advise and create clear strategies that provide instant and long term impact on businesses. She speaks all over the country at corporate conferences, seminars, and workshops on the topics of leadership, sustainable growth and sales.

 Relationships are the golden ticket to success in all areas of our lives. 


 -Relationships are the golden ticket to success in all areas of our lives. 

- Relationships are built with open communication, when people show up authentic, real, genuine and truly curious and interested in each other.

-The greatest relationships are give and take, creating a win/win for both parties.   

-The value in long-term relationships is massive. We never know who we are meeting and the impact they can make. Never go into a relationship, business or personal, wanting something from it like a sale, a personal gain, a job opportunity, etc. Great relationships are people to people and are about value and trust. They are about being a resource to one another.

-A personal story as an example: I was running a round table, leading a group of women and they all had to introduce themselves. It started very formal and no true connections were being made. I encouraged the group to shift their introductions to include something personal and we hit gold. A couple of people had similar interests - ballroom dancing - and a lively conversation was started. A few were avid readers and more conversation and interest was sparked at the table through that bond. This group did not have to be told to exchange information and follow up, they were on it because they were truly interested in one another. 

- One of my current clients today goes back close to 20 years. We were “kids.” I was a mom with young children and she was traveling the world. We have done business together in various ways from her being a client when I had my printing business, to her introducing me to charities I am still involved with today, to talking baking, cooking, travel, and yes, still business. She has been a great referral source for new business development opportunities.  

-I can also share an exercise at the end of my latest book about making a list of everyone you know in various areas from different points in your life. When you are working toward a goal, you can look to that list and see who you can reach out to in order to help you take actions to get to the end goal. 

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