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Ian Winer


Addiction and Recovery


Ian Winer is an investor, philosopher, humanitarian, writer and public speaker who connects people to the truth of market places and human behavior. Ian is the author of the book, Ubiquitous Relativity: My Truth is Not the Truth. A regular contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters, to name just a few, he is known for seeking connections through non consensus thinking and making it relatable to everyone.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown has a plan for helping American workers: prohibit “excessive” buybacks and require companies to offer each employee $1 for every $1 million spent on stock repurchases.

His plan fails for three big reasons:

1) It is a classic example of government overreach.

2) It is difficult to define which companies and employees are subject to this law.

3) It ignores basic economics.


Brown believes that too much money has been spent on corporate buybacks and not enough on the employees. He used the example of JPMorgan ChaseJPM, -0.18%   to explain how his legislation works: the bank bought about $20 billion of its own stock in 2018, so each of its employees should get a dividend of $20,000.

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