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The Sales Conversation: 5 Tips To Close Deals Today


Ivy Slater


business and finance


Ivy Slater is a professionally certified business coach, speaker, international best selling author and podcast host. As CEO of Slater Success, Ivy works closely with C Suite executives and upper level managers to advise and create clear strategies that provide instant and long term impact on businesses. She speaks all over the country at corporate conferences, seminars, and workshops on the topics of leadership, sustainable growth and sales.

It’s not about you.

Sales is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone. Be of service. You are the support system helping someone to accomplish what they never have before.


It’s not about you.

Sales is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone. Be of service. You are the support system helping someone to accomplish what they never have before.

Think about a sailboat. With no wind in the sails, that boat stays stagnant. Be the wind in the sails for your client. Think SAILS not SALES.

Find the pain point. Offer the solution.

It doesn’t matter what the business is. Focus on the client's problem. Don’t sell a program or a package. Sell a solution. Show them how you can add value through your experience or services. You aren’t a purchase, you are a partner. You are someone invested in the growth of their business and their personal development. You are in it for the long term.

Take control.

The person with the most control in a sales conversation is the person that’s going to close. Talk less and listen more. Ask questions that make an impact. Make it all about them. Keep the conversation going in the direction you want it to go. Offer your own services, as well as a connection to another potential service. You might not be the answer today, but you might be the answer in the future. Build a relationship.

Make sales calls and follow-up.

CALLS stands for Connect/Ask/Listen/Learn/Sell 

It’s self-explanatory, yet often missed. Make the connection with your client on a personal level first. Ask them what they need before you tell them what you can do. Listen to their needs and help them realize or define their pain point. Learn about their business, their dreams, what they want to accomplish. Sell them on your services that offer the solution to their unique and specific problem.

Don’t talk yourself out of the sale before you close it. 

Inspire the client, clarify the solution you offer, ask them if they have questions, let them receive the information, help them embrace it.

Allow for silence at the end of a call. Let them digest. Instead of talking about all the benefits of the program or package to get the close, ask the client what they need. Ask them how you can help in their decision-making process.

Be the source of inspiration and value your client needs. Be the person to solve the problem. Be the person that gets it. Be the one they want to work with because you’re the one that understands.

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