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Ian Winer


Politics and Government

Ian Winer is an investor, philosopher, humanitarian, writer and public speaker who connects people to the truth of market places and human behavior. Ian is the author of the book, Ubiquitous Relativity: My Truth is Not the Truth. A regular contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters, to name just a few, he is known for seeking connections through non consensus thinking and making it relatable to everyone.

Progressives should not be against progress.



I think this is a big mistake by the DNC.

Even if Fox News is biased (spoiler alert: it is), so are MSNBC and CNN.

All this does is give one more piece of ammo to those that view our institutions as inherently flawed.

My understanding is this was in response to the "Progressive" wing of the party.


Am I the only one who finds it both amazing and disturbing that someone calling themselves "progressive" wants to restrict the reach of their party ideals?


If this subset of Democrats continues to drive the agenda, they are going to lose in 2020.

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