The Art of Having It All: A Woman's Guide To Unlimited Abundance

Doing it All is Not the Same as Having it All


The Art of Having It All: A Woman's Guide To Unlimited Abundance

Doing it All is Not the Same as Having it All


Is it possible to have: a passionate marriage; a thriving career; a healthy, beautiful body; more money than you ever dreamed possible, and enough down time to enjoy it without running yourself ragged? This New York Times Bestseller answers that question with a resounding YES.


In this hands-on guide to applying the universal laws of deliberate manifestation, Christy Whitman, Master Law of Attraction coach and mother of two, shows you that it is not only possible for women to have it all in every aspect of our lives, but to settle for anything less is to deprive ourselves of the true joy, exhilaration and fulfillment of becoming all that we were born to be.


The Art of Having it All is geared specifically toward women who:

  • Are already living full lives juggling career and family
  • Want more freedom
  • Yearn for a deeper connection in their intimate relationships
  • Want to break free from money worries
  • Are open to receiving all the abundance the Universe has to offer!


This book provides cutting edge tools, inspiration, and straightforward advice to support you in more effortlessly and joyfully creating the results you desire in your body, your finances, career and intimate relationships and from a relatable authority who has been there and done that.


Not only is it possible for you to create everything you desire in every aspect of your life, but to settle for anything less is to deprive yourself of the exhilaration, joy, expansion, and freedom of becoming all that you deserve!


Why Christy wrote this book for you.


As a woman who has created her "It" and my "All" in literally every aspect of her life (both because of and in spite of great adversity), author and transformational coach, Christy Whitman is passionate about undoing the foothold of lack and limitation that has taken root in the minds of so many American women.


This scarcity mindset contributes significantly to the depression that afflicts so many women, causing them to give up pursuing their deeper dreams and to resign themselves to a life of mediocrity. Can you relate?


Using the exact process that you ll learn inside The Art of Having it All, Christy went from being $60,000 in debt, 30 pounds overweight, working at a job she hated, and attracting the wrong kind of men... to living a life filled with success, happiness, self-love, abundance, and her soulmate.


How did she do it? She learned and applied the Universal laws that govern deliberate creation. And now she wants to share them with you in practical and easy to understand way.


In The Art of Having it All You'll discover:

  • How to define your it and your all
  • Why you don t have it all (yet)
  • How to create what you want from the inside out
  • How to reset your allowing meter
  • The formula for the manifestation equation, and finally...
  • The secret to having it all!


Are you ready to have it all?


You can!


And The Art of Having it All will show you the exact steps to manifesting the life you want.


Order your copy of You Can Have it All today. Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats.

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