Are more bad things happening in the world?

By jacquie jordan

I had the privilege of doing a radio show this morning for the station that was my first media job during college breaks. WILD! One of the topics that came up was all the BAD THINGS on the planet. One interesting thing, I believe, to consider, when we talk about 'all of these bad things' is that we now have a technology that is instantaneous and allows us to see in real time what is happening. Information didn't travel like this before. So we didn't know there were earthquakes on the other side of the planet or tribal wars. This information took time to spread which became part of our folklore and mythology. That said, with the technology, time feels fast and processing all of the information can be overwhelming. Wars, earthquakes, fish and birds dying in mass extinctions, celebrities imploding in real time on television - my parting words on the radio show with the work we do at TVGuestpert was practicing mindfulness in creating our brands and delivering our messages because in these days - it's very difficult to take back anything that we put out there electronically.


04 May 2017

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