Unconditional love is allowing people to be who people are without judgment

By jacquie jordan


Unconditional love is allowing people to be who people are without judgment. Unconditional love is holding space for others to be who they are and holding space for yourself so that you can unfold into the cosmic deliciousness of your own being and life. Unconditional love is a release. It releases all expectations, all selfishness, and simply accepts. As a culture, we've USED love as a hostage. We take our loved ones, and our family members and we hold them hostage to our concepts of who we think they should be. We hold them hostage to our ideas of how we think they should live, and we hold them hostage to how they should treat and respond to us based on our preconceived concepts of ourselves... and if they comply, we ‘love’ them.


Unconditional love does not hold any of these conditions. Unconditional love will bend our concept of how we have loved. Loving for the sake of love is the beginning of moving towards the allowance of unconditional love. However, being the human condition of which we are, accepting that we love imperfectly is the first step to allowing unconditional love as an experience into our lives.


04 May 2017

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