In 2006, Bret Michaels came to my book signing for "Get on TV!"

By jacquie jordan

In 2006 Bret Michaels came to my book signing for my book "Get on TV" at the Book Soup store in Hollywood, saying that he wanted a reality show. I had been a producer for "Rock-u-mentary" type shows like "Fanography" for MTV. The reason musicians end up, in my opinion, as great talent for reality shows, is that people have a connection to their pop stars, that they don't have to other types of genre stars. For example VH-1 did "My Antonio" with Antonio Sabato Jr. who has more of a 'soap star' status. Viewers already have access to their television stars which is why putting them in reality show vehicles isn't as exciting, but we don't have access to our rock stars which is why they are appealing in their reality shows. That is also why long running series like "Behind the Music" did so well as we experience our rock stars on stage or via our ear phones, but we want an all exclusive back stage pass to them - which is why they do well for us on reality shows.


04 May 2017

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