Four Minutes of Real Estate on The TODAY Show

By jacquie jordan

I was asked, "Is four minutes for my segment good or bad?"


My response is, "Everything out of your mouth is real estate."


The key to delivering a mutually fulfilling interview is to know that it's an orchestration of a dance. On your behalf, tedious conversations between us and the show's producer have gone back and forth in negotiating the content based on their expectations and the TVGuestpert's offerings.


Most folks assume incorrectly that it's an 'interview.' That the television show asks questions, and the happy expert answers them. No! That isn't what happens at all. Every speaking point has been approved and designated. The trick to a solid TVGuestpert delivery is to deliver the speaking points as prescribed regardless of the dance of language of the host. A good interview should include a solid opening line that doesn't waste valuable real estate time with pleasantries, "Yes, so happy to be on your show." Instead, "This issue is a passion of my expertise for these reasons." Yes, a real dancer leads the interview, but allows the host to look like they are leading it.


04 May 2017

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