What color is my opportunity?

By jacquie jordan


In my newly released book, Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to Be Your Business Partner, I talk about our work as a company as being the aggregator of opportunity for clients. The dance goes like this - the client describes their vision as wanting the opportunity in the color of navy blue. We go out and try to catch navy blue. Sometimes, navy blue has already run it's course. However, we can catch teal blue. The client will say, "if you understood me, you would bring me navy blue, and not teal blue." I say, "If we pass on Teal Blue, we will not have any more blue opportunities for awhile." We watch teal blue go by. However, it was through the saying yes to the teal blue, that we would have met up with navy blue. Now, we're just looking at yellow. We don't want to be blinded to opportunity, if it's not a perfect match. We want to move through the spectrum until it's a match.


04 May 2017

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