Satisfaction Guaranteed!

By jacquie jordan

I am so satisfied when I have a day where I can see my Guestpert's visions for themselves come to fruition by the fruits of our labor... as I sit here and hold the galley draft of Guestpert Chelsea Krost's book, with us, "Nineteen" along with her press-kit - as she launches out here next week for her MTV audition.


As I did a tele-summit yesterday, I was able to address a series of roadblocks that we run into along the way. Managing expectations is a HUGE factor. Many folks approach us thinking that, "if they get booked on television" their money woes or business lows will be instantly over. In my experience, that perception is completely missing the objective of capitalizing on exposure. Instead of looking at these roadblocks of perception, our company is about creating building blocks of reception to opportunity....which is the genesis of my latest book, "Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to Be Your Business Partner." Only when we get of our own way... is satisfaction guaranteed!


04 May 2017

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