It's not all about YOU!

By jacquie jordan

When working with many talented folks, some ideas make it to television and some, simply don't. Most of our inquiry calls begin with, "I want to have my own television show." We think this is wonderful. However, putting this in perspective, networks pay their development folks handsomely to create and develop television shows. This is their job, and they are GOOD at it. So whenever we are engaging in the transaction of buying and selling show concepts, we have to remember - that we are walking into a territory that is already covered. Therefore, our platforms, proof of concept, and ideas have to be stronger, smarter, more interesting, and unique than what can be created or acquired internally. This is not a reflection of us, nor you, but on the supply and demand of the marketplace. So how we deal with this piece of the matrix, is to raise the media platform of the Guestpert as to generate an interest and curiosity about the media value of the talent so that the network execs FIND YOU! Kind of like a little bit of reverse psychology or marketplace savvy. The benefit to this for the Guestpert is that it widens the breadth of opportunity and possibility instead of trying to hit a fine tuned bulls eye in a contraction.


04 May 2017

The TVGuestpert Logo is a Seal of Approval when placed on a Guestpert Profile. It let's you know that we produced the Guestpert's demo and/or results reel separating out those on this site that have not been produced by us.