When the story doesn't add up...

By jacquie jordan


We are in the constant dialogue of pitching expert messages and selling stories to the media. When there is a hole in a story or if the story doesn't link up, our producing colleagues can sniff it out a mile away with the stench of suspicion. This doesn't happen to us with experts who have been in their field of choice for a large body of their career, but when we have experts who have changed 'career's or are 'new to the field' - the 'why'; the 'how'; the 'what's this really about' - is visceral. Our credibility is on the line for every pitch that we make and sometimes, if we aren't given the information, we, too, can't see past the veil of what we are pitching which makes the sale so much more difficult. To get around this, we really try to understand our Guestpert's visions. But sometimes, we are left in that 'need to know basis' and sometimes, we just don't know.


04 May 2017

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