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Audio Series

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*Selling a Segment (Speaking Points and Sound Bites)

*Ace the Audition (What to know before entering the room and An Industry insider’s point of view) with Annie Roberts, Casting from E! Entertainment

*Green Lighting a TV Show with Brillstein-Grey and FX Development Executive and Lifetime and WE Development Executive

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 5: Using Your “Bad Girl Self” for Good Branding”) Guests Include Marc Berman, Media Week, Ali Brown, Millionaire Coach, and TVGuestpert Dr. Carole Lieberman, Media Psychiatrist

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 9: The Media Stories of 2010 and How They Impacted us both on a Personal and Business Level) Guests Include Pamela Sellers, CNN Worldwide, Shari Anne Brill, Media Analyst, and TVGuestpert Scott Ventrella, Business/Ethics Executive Coach

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 10: How Technology and Social Media are Changing Local News) Guests Include Scott Diener, News Director KCBS/KCAL, Joe Vazquez, Reporter/CBS , and TVGuestpert Jennifer Jolly, co-host of 7 Live/ Technology and Social Media Contributor.

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