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A Psychiatrist's Guide:

Stop Teen Addiction Before It Starts

A Psychiatrist’s Guide: Stop Teen Addiction Before It Starts outlines how addictive substances and activities hijack the teenage brain to create an addiction. This book demystifies addiction from a neurological and psychological perspective--explaining the way the brain changes in response to addictive stimuli and in response to psychological factors.

The teenage brain and psyche are particularly vulnerable to developing addictions, because during the teen years, the brain is in a phase of rapid and profound development. Moreover, more than half of all suicides were with people who were intoxicated.

With a non-judgmental approach, Gayani describes family dynamics and parenting choices that inadvertently promote the development of an addiction. Armed with knowledge about how addiction develops, Dr. DeSilva coaches parents on how to optimize their parenting strategies to help their children avoid getting addicted.

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The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook:


Television Veteran, Jacquie Jordan and On Air Talent, Shannon O'Dowd, parlay their long time media training careers into The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers memorializing the A-Z of what it takes to be on camera in every position for successful appearances.

With fun anecdotal stories, these two communicators breakdown the elements of on camera performances including auditions, branding, content, direction, editorial, focus, glamour, headshots, hosting, influencers, jargon, kinetics, languaging, memorization, nuances, on-air, performance, questions, rehearsals, social media, talking points, under-performing, vernacular, w, x, y, and z!!!

This Guidebook takes the talent from pre-production and behind the scenes, to the business elements that create opportunity and success to the new frontier of the digital age, the Selfie and the story it tells the audience.

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Ubiquitous Relativity:

My Truth is Not the Truth

Not one truth fits all sizes. Seven billion people on one planet, each living in their own universe. One man's journey from West Point to Wall Street to Anonymity asking the Everlasting Question: How can I gain a greater sense of purpose in life through an improved connection to other people? In Ubiquitous Relativity: My Truth is Not the Truth, Ian Winer's philosophy lays a fresh roadmap for anyone searching for a more meaningful life by examining the senses and emotions unique to each of us and challenging our long-held beliefs about the world and everyone in it by pausing on our own judgements. 

Ian invites each of us to take a leap of faith into the unknown, the uncomfortable, and the unfamiliar. Revealing how surviving an abusive household in childhood incorrectly informed him of a world that was limited and confined... in confronting his own truth, he opened up to the possibilities that everyone possesses their own truth revealing the twofold illusion of universality. The first illusion is that people sense the world in exactly the same way. The second illusion is that people react emotionally to those senses in precisely the same expectation. Ubiquitous Relativity considers a less conventional way, yet simplistic testament, to make a difference in the world - a world that can be less frightening and more hopeful.

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Selling A Segment

Audio Series

Price : USD 9.99


*Speaking Points: Selling it in writing

*Sound-bites: Saying it in six words or less


Get on TV!

Audio Series

Price : USD 249.99


*Selling a Segment (Speaking Points and Sound Bites)

*Ace the Audition (What to know before entering the room and An Industry insider’s point of view) with Annie Roberts, Casting from E! Entertainment

*Green Lighting a TV Show with Brillstein-Grey and FX Development Executive and Lifetime and WE Development Executive

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 5: Using Your “Bad Girl Self” for Good Branding”) Guests Include Marc Berman, Media Week, Ali Brown, Millionaire Coach, and TVGuestpert Dr. Carole Lieberman, Media Psychiatrist

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 9: The Media Stories of 2010 and How They Impacted us both on a Personal and Business Level) Guests Include Pamela Sellers, CNN Worldwide, Shari Anne Brill, Media Analyst, and TVGuestpert Scott Ventrella, Business/Ethics Executive Coach

*TVGuestpert Radio Show (Episode 10: How Technology and Social Media are Changing Local News) Guests Include Scott Diener, News Director KCBS/KCAL, Joe Vazquez, Reporter/CBS , and TVGuestpert Jennifer Jolly, co-host of 7 Live/ Technology and Social Media Contributor.

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Heartfelt Marketing:

Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner

Heartfelt Marketing is for the self-inspired entrepreneur who understands their skill set; however, promotion isn’t their forte.

Learn how to get out of your own way and generate business by being of service to others.
Release the 5 Pitfalls that spell doom for your revenue.
Discover how the language and intention make a HUGE difference in sale.
Let go of the energetic tackiness in your business exchanges that screams inferiority.
Explore the blocks that are getting in the way of business expansion

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A Psychiatrist's Guide:

Helping Parents Reach Their Depressed Tween

In my practice as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, the parents of my patients most often ask me, What do I say to him (or her)? These are well meaning parents who care deeply for their children, but find themselves at a loss for how to begin, maintain and resolve conversations with their children who struggle with illnesses like depression, ADHD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Though this book focuses on how parents can converse with their children who have mental illness, the skills and tools presented in this book are applicable to parents of all children.

Parents when faced with the challenge of trying to connect with their children are frequently so focused on their child talking with them, that they miss ways to make a meaningful connection that leads to increased understanding between the parent and child. This book will help parents learn to be cognizant of childhood developmental processes and about how their child s illness impacts development. Using knowledge about neurodevelopment, psychological development, and psychiatric disorders, parents will learn how to use conversation to improve bonding, bolster their child s self-esteem, and aid their child s development.

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The Art of Having It All:

A Woman's Guide to Unlimited Abundance

Is it possible to have: a passionate marriage; a thriving career; a healthy, beautiful body; more money than you ever dreamed possible, and enough “down” time to enjoy it – without running yourself ragged? The answer is a resounding YES!

In this hands-on guide to applying the universal laws of deliberate manifestation, Master Law of Attraction coach Christy Whitman, a New York Times best-selling author and mother of two, shows readers that it is not only possible for women to have it all in every aspect of our lives, but to settle for anything less is to deprive ourselves of the true joy, exhilaration and fulfillment of becoming all that we were born to be.

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Father of the Blob:

The Making of a Monster Smash and Other Hollywood Tales

Jack H. Harris started out as a child performer in vaudeville and has done everything related to the movies including projectionist, usher, theatre manager, actor, distributor and producer. Whether talking about Burns and Allen, Mary Pickford, Laurel and Hardy, Howard Hughes, Jack Nicholson, Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Wood or Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters, he’s got the stories. Some of those he helped to start in the business include Steve McQueen, Patty Duke, Ivan Reitman, John Carpenter, John Landis and so many more.

You can literally finish this book and know how to make, distribute and exploit a film. THE BLOB was his first movie, and surprisingly has turned out to be his forever movie. He’s made 30 others including DINOSAURUS, 4D MAN, EQUINOX, EYES OF LAURA MARS, and one of Hugh Hefner’s favorites, PARADISIO.

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Austrian is a quiet young man working at the TVCom League. Not the type of person one would expect of corporate espionage and manipulating governments.

Dr. Dianna Saint Sommers is a former Alabama beauty queen and Nobel prize winning physicist/musician. The government has recruited Diana and her young music prodigies for a top-secret project.

When Dr. Saint Sommers’ child prodigies flee her program to join Austrian on a mysterious mission, she is charged with chasing them down before they incite a global disaster. It seems Austrian has come up with a way to use the prodigies and honeybees to unlock an immortality gene… and resurrect everyone who ever lived!

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Alex Detail's Revolution

Alex Detail has been kidnapped. Again. Ten years ago, Alex was a child genius who saved the world from The Harvesters, a mysterious alien force that attempted to extinguish Earth's sun. A decade later, The Harvesters have returned, but Alex is no longer a prodigy and unwilling to fight another war. So someone at The House of Nations had him drugged and placed on the last remaining ARRAY warship, which is under heavy attack.

Unfortunately for Alex's mysterious kidnappers (and the world) he has lost the mega IQ that allowed him to win the last war. Now Alex must convince the ship's food-obsessed Captain Odessa to use his risky command program to save their ship, uncover his kidnapper's devious plot, and survive the war long enough to make it to Pluto, where, underneath the planet's frozen surface lies the only force in the universe that can stop The Harvesters.

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Alex Detail's Rebellion

The Sequel to Alex Detail's Revolution

Alex Detail is being assassinated.Again. The second Harvester war has ended, but Alex has never been in greater peril. Not only is Alex being hunted by his deadly clone, the seven-year-old George Spell, he is also the target of a House of Nations plot to expose Alex's post-war experiments with The Harvesters and disgrace the genius war hero. But when George Spell's latest attempt to assassinate Alex Detail at the New York planetarium nearly kills hundreds of people, Alex escapes death only to find his would-be assassin suddenly kidnapped by the powerful mystic, Brother Lonadoon.

Now Alex must join Captain Odessa on a covert interplanetary rescue operation where they uncover clues left thousands of years ago by an ancient race desperately trying to send a message to the future. But the message might be too late, as phenomena are revealing the beginnings of an extinction level event caused by the ongoing war between Alex Detail and George Spell, one that could lead to the destruction of the entire solar system.

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Disappearing Spell: 

Generationist Files, Book 1

The most dangerous person in the world has been kidnapped. George Spell is a deadly military mastermind, government spy and skilled assassin. As the son of House Speaker Madeline Spell, he is also political royalty. George Spell is also just seven years old. How did a child become such a deadly player on the world stage?

As George finds out more about who kidnapped him and why, he begins to learn the secrets behind his existence and where he truly came from. Is George Spell the pinnacle of a worldwide conspiracy centuries in the planning, or the ultimate tool in a blood vendetta against his family?

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Dress Code:

Ending Fashion Anarchy

"Your sweats, PJs and flip-flops are losing you money! Chances are your computer and cellphone are more current than your image.

Stop making excuses and learn to look your best!" Move past your excuses of no time and money and become your own American success story.

Do you crave more confidence, respect and power? Want to earn more money? Not moving up in your career, life and relationships? Have you stopped being passionate about yourself? Do you like who you see in the mirror? Now is the time to read "Dress Code" and turn your life around.

Find out how image connects to success. Be fresh and modern at any age! Learn how to look great and do your very own makeover!

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The Real Purpose of Parenting:
The Book You Wish Your Parents Read

THE REAL PURPOSE OF PARENTING is a series of stories and life lessons from the world of a therapist, known as The Parent Coach. Very well-intentioned, well meaning parents are at the point of crisis with their kids because their own best parenting efforts are NOT producing the children they want them to be. And there, according to Dr. Phil Dembo, lies the problem.

In THE REAL PURPOSE OF PARENTING, even the best parents are capable of smothering the growth of their kid's life. This can happen because the truth of who the child is, and what the child truly needs is often overlooked or ignored in the agenda that many parents lay out for their kids. Thus...often landing the family in a colossal melt down. Dr. Dembo shows simple family "turn around" strategies that reframe the real purpose of parenting and gives each family, and child their own salvation.

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Nineteen: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life

In NINETEEN, Chelsea conjures the curiosity and flavor of a personal journal left open in a teenager's room.

In its direct approach, NINETEEN reveals the key events that teenagers face at this monumental time in their lives as experienced by Chelsea Krost.

While many teens are struggling with typical angst from cat fights to cliques, many others are dealing with the downside of the advanced technological world we live in.

From sexting to cyber bullying, self esteem to depression; body image, mean girls and boy trouble, Chelsea sheds light on the millennial mindset and its ever changing challenges and lightning speed curve balls.

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