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Fashion and beauty mistakes that age women

Guestpert : Julia Jolie Category : Women's Issues Tags : fashion tips, beauty tips, fashion mistakes, beauty mistakes

Julia Goodman Jolie is a Beverly Hills Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. She is the author of How to be Glamorous on a Budget and Founder of “Julia Jolie Beverly Hills”, her fashion line.

There are many fashion and beauty mistakes that we unknowingly make, that make us appear older. Choosing the wrong styles, colors, and not keeping up with our beauty maintenance, all contributes to looking washed out and tired. Here are the top mistakes you need to know about: Fashion mistake nr 1: Wearing clothing that don’t fit. No matter if too tight and short, or too long and loose. Clothes that don’t fit right, will always make you look older. If you’re wearing sweat pants and loose sweaters, you don’t look confident, if you’re wearing a very short and tight dress, you just look like you’re trying too hard. Keep it classy and elegant! If you like tight dresses, buy a knee long dress. If you like loose and comfy clothing, try for a compromise and go for jeans and a trendy loose button down shirt in a beautiful color. Fashion mistake nr 2: Choosing the wrong colors: Speaking of Colors: One of the biggest mistakes that age you, is choosing clothes in the wrong color! Avoid Black and Nude colors like your biggest enemies! Black is usually too hard for mature skin and accentuates lines and wrinkles. Nude colors make your skin look “washed out”. Try navy blue instead! Or, if you’re feeling like showing more color, go with turquoise, which makes any skin look younger, healthier, and glow like the sun! Fashion mistake nr 3: Dressing too young and trendy : Wearing trendy clothing is very tricky! Not every trend works for every women. Choose fashion pieces that you feel comfortable in and that look good on your body type! If you think that a leopard print leggings is too much, don’t wear it! Fashion mistake nr 4: Choosing comfort over style: Sneakers and Flip Flops are the most comfortable shoes on the planet, I know! But generally, the more comfortable the shoes, the older you look. I am not saying you should be running around in 8 inch heels all day, long, but if you’re going for comfortable and flat shoes, stay on trend! Yes, this is where you should follow the latest shoe trends! Wear color, sparkle and bling! Fashion mistake nr 5: Ill-fitted Bras: There’s nothing worse than ill-fitted bra’s! It makes you look unstylish and so much older. Invest in a good bra! Beauty mistake nr 1: Wearing too much make up. Too many colors in your face never look good. Either accentuate your eyes, or your lips. Never both! Stay away from colorful eyeshadow. Go for brown and nude eyeshadows. Beauty mistake nr.2: Using too much or the wrong foundation: There’s nothing worse than seeing a distinct line of foundation on a women jawline! Your make up needs to be matching your skin color and be blended properly. Also, the more make up you apply, the more wrinkles you can see. It’s always better to wear moisturizer underneath and apply make up conservatively. Beauty mistake nr. 3: Hair that’s not styled and grown out hair color! Beautiful hair is a sign of youth and if you’re hair is not as shiny and colorful as it used to be, you need to get it styled and colored! A blow out will change your whole appearance, trust me! Beauty mistake nr 4: Choosing the wrong lip color: dark, heavy lipstick colors like dark red or purple make you appear older. Try going for lighter colors like rose or peach. Beauty mistake nr. 5: Not taking care of your eyebrows: Thin and pale eyebrows make you look older. Always fill in and emphasize your eyebrows to achieve the youthful look . Match the color as close to your natural eyebrow color as you can. Same rule applies: don’t go too dark if your natural hair color isn’t black.