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Every essential bra type you should have and why

Guestpert : Julia Jolie Category : Women's Issues Tags : fashion, bra, lingerie, bra's, underwear, bra types

Julia Goodman Jolie is a Beverly Hills Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. She is the author of How to be Glamorous on a Budget and Founder of “Julia Jolie Beverly Hills”, her fashion line.

Do you know the feeling, when you want to wear a gorgeous dress to a last minute event and none of the bra’s you own seem to work? Here’s your Bra Guide for each type of clothing and occasion: 1. The Comfy Bralette: Everybody needs a comfortable bra to wear every day. Bralette’s should be seamless, breathable, and made out of cotton or spandex. They are perfect for lounging at home, running errands, or underneath your pajamas. Remember, you should always wear a bra to keep your breasts supported, even if you’re relaxing or sleeping. So this bra is a must! 2. The T-Shirt Bra: This one is a step up from the comfy bra. It has contoured cups with thin padding. You need it for all your thin fabric clothing, like for example, t-shirts. It contours your breasts and “bulletproofs” any sign of your nipples. You should have this one in the three essential colors: nude, white and black. The PushUp Bra: This one is a Must-Have! Not only gives it the appearance of a fuller bust, but it also “lifts” your breasts, making them look absolutely perfect! You should wear this one with any type of clothing to “shows off” your beautiful breasts, like a U-shaped dress or a V-Neck Sweater. The Super Sexy Lace-Bra: You need this Bra to show off! Whenever you’re planning a romantic night with your significant other, there’s no better bra than the lace bra! It should have a gorgeous design in a color that compliments your skin tone. You can wear this bra with a strappy, loose top or a beautiful blouse. 5. The sticky, invisible bra: This bra is strapless, backless and self-adhesive. You simply “stick it” on your breasts! You need this one for the no-bra look! For all your glamorous dresses with an open back! It’s great, because it gives you support and coverage in the front, while leaving your back uncovered and sexy! Find a sticky bra that’s reusable! If you feel uncomfortable with the sticky bra’s, or if you have bigger breasts, try the transparent back bra’s. They give a better support while still giving you the freedom to show off your beautiful back! 6. The Sports Bra: Every women that works out, needs to wear a sports bra! You need the strong support when you’re running or jumping up and down. They are also designed to be breathable and to absorb moisture. A sports bra looks great with any work out gear!