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Ike Catcher is a health and fitness athlete, bodybuilder and influencer based in Venice Beach, CA, often found at the iconic Muscle Beach Gym off the boardwalk. He is a 6’9″ ft tall calisthenic bodybuilder. He trains in calisthenics as well as some martial arts amongst other training forms.


Dreaming Big couldn't be a more appropriate phrase for this larger than life man who's no stranger to capturing them. Ike Catcher's beginnings found him as a child growing up in Austria. As a child he was as big as his dreams, already being described in his hometown of Vienna as "huge and muscular". Being a child that far outgrew the other children and their growth percentiles was not something that was celebrated initially by this gentle giant. He initially felt like he didn't fit in with the crowd and he couldn't have been more right, he was destined for the big screen.

In 2014 the opportunity arose to be a part of Hollywood, California's film and television success. This change of his current success stream began after winning Mr. Vienna in his home town and then he quickly realized after his trip to California where he did in fact belong.

Mr. Vienna gave Ike Catcher the credit, recognition and accolades needed to move to California permanently to further pursue his dreams in entertainment. Often being described as a young "Rock" or "Schwarzenegger" landed this talented gentleman several roles already in his short time of pursuit in his acting career. Co starring along side Kevin Hart in his latest hit TV Show, Ike's more recent movie success came in the feature film named Glass Jaw which recently hit theaters nationwide. These successes are indicators that this young man is destined for major world wide success.

After several national appearances and interviews, millions of views on You Tube shows and featured articles in various body building and muscle and fitness magazines along with being the official spokesperson for the worldwide famous Muscle Beach itself certainly places him in the vein of his very famous and successful predecessors. More to come from this larger than life superstar, stay tuned.