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Siraj Raval

AI Expert & Author

EXPERTISE : Artificial Intelligence

  • AI, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, the Future, Social Media, Computers, Robots, Wellbeing

Artificially Intelligent: Living Smart AF in an AI World


Siraj Raval is an AI Educator, Data Scientist and YouTube Sensation on a mission to spread data literacy through his international nonprofit School of AI. His School of AI reaches over 400 cities globally and has built the fastest growing AI community in the world by simplifying topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Science, and Technology.


Through his educational music videos and in-depth tutorials he shares tools to his viewers to help them make a positive impact in the world using AI technology – whether it’s through employment or entrepreneurship.


Artificially Intellgent: Living Smart AF in an AI World - in bookstores March 24th, 2020


Artificial Intelligence.  Everyone’s talking about it, but no one seems to really understand it.


Siraj Raval has taken on the task to explain Artificial Intelligence in ways anyone can understand and translate into their own lives.  Siraj started his mission with an educational, yet entertaining, YouTube channel.  By making the subject fun, easy and relatable, his quickly became one of the largest AI channels with over 700,000 subscribers and growing.


Now, Siraj is reaching beyond his online following to explain to everyone exactly what AI is, how it works, and how you can make it work for you.  Without having to know anything about coding, computers or advanced mathematics or be technology savvy, Siraj will tell you what makes something Artificial Intelligence, including:

  1. The four basic components that make up AI
  2. How to protect yourself from the dangers of predatory AI
  3. What you need to demand of our government and corporations to make sure AI enhances wellbeing
  4. How AI will radically reshape the economy and how you can benefit


Siraj’s purpose is to teach anyone who wants to learn about this fast growing and fast changing technology.  His deep knowledge of AI, legions of students and positive theories of technology come together in this book to give the reader a stress-free mastery of the subject and a lot of reasons to be very optimistic about the near future and beyond.