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Founder: Jacquie Jordan

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 Jacquie Jordan



Jacquie Jordan is the founder of the fifteen-year-old Silicon Beach-based TVGuestpert, TVGuestpert Publishing and TVOnCameraTraining.com. TVGuestpert is a media development company that raises the profile of the Guestpert in the media and grows their client's core business.  With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with businesses on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development, as well as their on-camera execution.

Jacquie has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. Her reign has come from successfully launching and executing many syndicated daytime programs and cable shows. Known for her ability to find the heart of any story, Jacquie garnered her second Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Show on Donny & Marie (Sony Pictures Television).

Jacquie’s foray in talent comes from her time in the trenches as a nationally recognized producer in broadcast television.As Showrunner of the long running AMC series Sunday Morning Shootout, hosted by Hollywood Icons - Chair of Mandalay Entertainment, Peter Guber and Former Editor-in-Chief of Variety, Peter Bart. Celebrity guests produced by Jacquie include Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Peter Jackson, George Clooney and Dustin Hoffman.

Simultaneously, as Executive Producer, Jacquie launched the copy-cat formula of Shootout for the TVGuide Channel, Square-Off with a focus on the television industry hosted by Andy Wallenstein and Brian Lowry of Variety. Jacquie vetted the best the industry had to offer – from NBC head Ben Silverman, Shonda Rhimes to known television stars like Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon.

As a New York Times Best Selling Publisher, Publisher's Weekly is quoted as saying, "Jordan seems to have succeeded at her goal as laid out on the TVGuestpert website," when talking about the success of The TVGuestpert Publishing orchestrated, The Art of Having It All hitting the coveted list.

Ultimate On-Camera GuidebookAs a published author of the new, The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers (TVGuestpert Publishing 2019), along with her previous books, Get on TV! The Insider’s Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself! (Sourcebooks 2006) and Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner (BurmanBooks 2010), she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Feedback Magazine, Emmy Magazine, and the cover of Woman’s World Magazine. As a commentator on television regarding the business of the industry and pop culture, Jacquie’s appearances include Fox Reality, Good Day New York, Fox, ABC Family, CBS’s Big Shot Live, TV Guide Channel, CBS Evening News, FX and countless radio shows.  Jacquie is a graduate of the University of Delaware, with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in theater.

She currently resides in Los Angeles spending her free time practicing yoga and raising awareness around animal neglect.


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Every Breaking News Story Follows An Arc

This is important to know because depending on your area of expertise, you will know where you will fall in the media requested timeline of appearances. When a tragedy strikes - the first layer of bookings will go to Public Officials and Eyewitnesses. The media is looking for the government body to identify, declare, and detail what has officially occurred. This happens for the first 24 hours of news.   In addition to Government Officials or Public Officials (like spokesperson f
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Alert! Don't be the United Airlines CEO

TVGuestpert.com Every Story follows it's own precipitous news arc. That's why we, the publicists at TVGuestpert, know how to place the story on the particular wave of crisis.   "It's all about 'pivoting' the story," says Jacquie Jordan, CEO and Founder of TVGuestpert, TVGuestpert Publishing and TVOnCameraTraining. "In this day and age where media stories are more difficult to bury because of technology and social media, it is more important than ever to have the CEO media rea
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Are more bad things happening in the world?

TVGuestpert.com I had the privilege of doing a radio show this morning for the station that was my first media job during college breaks. WILD! One of the topics that came up was all the BAD THINGS on the planet. One interesting thing, I believe, to consider, when we talk about 'all of these bad things' is that we now have a technology that is instantaneous and allows us to see in real time what is happening. Information didn't travel like this before. So we didn't know there were e
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Unconditional love is allowing people to be who people are without judgment

TVGuestpert.com Unconditional love is allowing people to be who people are without judgment. Unconditional love is holding space for others to be who they are and holding space for yourself so that you can unfold into the cosmic deliciousness of your own being and life. Unconditional love is a release. It releases all expectations, all selfishness, and simply accepts. As a culture, we've USED love as a hostage. We take our loved ones, and our family members and we hold them hostage
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In 2006, Bret Michaels came to my book signing for "Get on TV!"

TVGuestpert.com In 2006 Bret Michaels came to my book signing for my book "Get on TV" at the Book Soup store in Hollywood, saying that he wanted a reality show. I had been a producer for "Rock-u-mentary" type shows like "Fanography" for MTV. The reason musicians end up, in my opinion, as great talent for reality shows, is that people have a connection to their pop stars, that they don't have to other types of genre stars. For example VH-1 did "My Antonio" with Antonio Sabato Jr. who
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