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Politics and Government

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Peter Bedard  
Get Involved – Be the change
Guestpert: Mr. Peter Bedard MA, C.Ht.
Category: Politics and Government

Speaking Point: I’m a bleeding heart socialist liberal who believes that the job of government isn’t to fight wars but to feed, clothe, and educate its people. The idea that governments are meant to protect us and get involved in wars goes back to fiefdoms and I think Democracy is an evolution out of this defensive way of thinking. Having said that there are a lot of ways for one to become an activist no matter what your belief is. From joining chat groups to online petitions to signature gathering and educational outreach you can easily decide how much you want to get involved.

Speaking Point: Chat–Talking with people is the most powerful tool you can use to create change. Always go into a conversation with the idea that the other person isn’t going to change. What I talk about is how the change that I want to see effects my life and the life of those I love. Take the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This law forced LGBT people to hide their truth because of the fear and religious beliefs of others. No matter what your religious belief, lying is never a good thing. For a Christian, hiding your true self is tantamount to betraying God because in doing so you are keeping your “light” from the world. Talk to people from your life experience, not your beliefs. It’s not about being right. It’s about communication. Keep being the love that you want to receive and all will go well.

Speaking Point: Surveys – These are fun! Take a minute out of your busy day and answer a few questions. The results of these surveys often get reported on in the news media either on TV, in print, and on the internet. Share your opinion.

Speaking Point: Petitions – Instead of running by that person standing in the parking lot at the front of your neighborhood grocery store take a minute and participate in their survey. You don’t have to give them money if you don’t want to. I find petitions to be great ways of keeping informed about what’s going on in the world and an awesome way to support your cause. Every day I spend around five minutes quickly filling out online petitions that I get in my e-mail. It’s easy, informative, and a great way to explore the different sides of an issue.

Speaking Point: Show Up – When you find a group you want to support go and volunteer with them. They can always use help. Most activism groups will have at least ¾ of their meetings/gatherings focused on their agenda but they also know that it’s important for it’s members to socialize. Physically volunteering to work towards a cause is a great way to meet like-minded people both for friendship and romance. Another way to show up is by attending social mixers. Mixers are a great way to get to know people you probably wouldn't have a lot of contact with any other way. Bring your business card because no matter what the nature of the mixer is, dating or business building, it's important to have something to leave behind.

Speaking Point: Call – Do you have any idea how powerful a phone call can be? It’s amazing. With how busy we all seem to be the single act of picking up a phone and calling someone is considered an act of God in some circles. It’s important that your elected official, from your city council representative to your Congressman/woman, know how you think and what you support. These calls truly effect their voting decisions.

Speaking Point: Write a letter – Like a phone call, this is also considered and act of God…but even more than a call. When you write a letter it’s considered equal to seven phone calls. That’s a lot of influence a single letter can wield. Writing a letter to your local paper and political representative as well as a company has a huge impact. Even just a short note of disapproval carries weight. Remember to always write in to be supportive as well. Most people only focus on the negative and when you write a letter telling an elected official or a company that you appreciate what they are doing don’t be surprised if they actually get back to you.

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