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Darren Campo  
Finding Your Creative Bliss While Working Your Day Job
Guestpert: Darren Campo
Category: Career and Workplace

Speaking Point: What inspires you? Trigger points for creating intense joy. These are the little things that make us happy, and every time we don’t do one, we have not taken a path to bliss and happiness especially while we’re working paycheck to paycheck. So what are these things and how do we recognize them?

Speaking Point: CLUES: A lot of people say they don’t know what they want in life, or are not sure what makes them happy. It’s hard to see through the fog of everyday life, work and stress. But when we were kids we didn’t have all that stuff blocking us. So thinking back to what we did for play as a child is one of the purist forms of discovering our true bliss and finding things we can do today to bring that back into our lives.

Speaking Point: FANTASIZE: Having a wonderful fantasy or daydream is at the very least a moment of self-indulgence that can reduce stress and make us smile. But it is also a critical combination of thought, imagery and feeling that can begin to make these things manifest in our lives. You will have put yourself in such a wonderful state that it will attract other happy feelings and just ripple out into everything.

Speaking Point: FOLLOW YOUR IMPULSES TO HELP PEOPLE: There’s no better feeling than having helped someone for no reason. And a lot of times we rush past someone who needs help and later regret that we didn’t stop. Picking up a bag, pointing someone in the right direction, or even offering a genuine compliment will make you instantly happy with yourself.

Speaking Point: Taking Action – How doing small things can lead to big outcomes.

Speaking Point: SAY IT: A declaration of what you love to do is important. You’ve got to get it into your subconscious, and the best way to do that is by saying it, writing it down, picturing it, and feeling what it’s like.

Speaking Point: GET OVER ANY EMBARRASSMENT: People are often embarrassed to announce a new undertaking. “I’m writing a cookbook about tropical drinks” can be met with dubious stares. Announcing a big undertaking that is not your career can be embarrassing because you are already thinking about the outcome and being judged by others. That’s why it’s important to start off small. If you want to write a cookbook, write a quick recipe Facebook update, invite people over for drinks and email them the recipes. You don’t have to explain yourself and you don’t have to tell them you are writing a book. If you enjoy making drinks, keep doing that and sharing it with people. Maybe what you come end up with is a line of drinks instead of that book.

Speaking Point: KEEP TRYING DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS OF THE THINGS YOU LOVE DOING: If you just keep doing the small things you love, something will emerge. The best example I can think of it my mother. She loved collecting stones. She had no idea what to do with them but she just kept collecting them. She made sculptures with the stones. Then she would glue the stones to a base and write messages on them. Eventually, these “power stones” became the signature latches on the thousands of pocketbooks she made. So picking up stones led to making a line of purses!

Speaking Point: STOP SAYING YOU DON’T HAVE TIME AND TAKE SMALL ACTION: I have been a television executive overseeing several popular television shows that were very demanding of my time, yet I continue to write a little bit a day which lead to my bestselling fiction series.

Speaking Point: DON’T DO IT FOR THE MONEY: Do it cause it makes you happy and the money will follow. Chances are if you set out to write a cookbook or design a clothing line, you might find the thing you like doing becomes a chore. The objective is not the outcome, but to indulge yourself in doing things you enjoy that will take you down new paths in life. You don’t need to know what’s at the end of the path, but here are three steps to get you going.

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