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Family and Relationships

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Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn  
My parents raising me in a multicultural family taught me to be open to all ethnicities and races and inspired my world travels.
Guestpert: Mrs. Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn M.A.
Category: Family and Relationships

Speaking Point: I grew up under a Baghdad roof in San Diego, California—my father was a first generation Iraqi immigrant and my mother was American, so I was influenced by, shaped by, and accepting of extremely different cultures from my earliest years.

Speaking Point: An open-door policy: My parents always welcomed everyone in the neighborhood to come through our doors and they often obliged by bringing their children over to try the “exotic” cuisine that my mother and father would make including falafel, baklava, dolma and a multitude of Middle Eastern dishes. These meals would act as a gateway for conversations between my parents and our neighbors about the differences and similarities between each other’s traditions, viewpoints, and families. My brain was a sponge during these meals, and I consider them the genesis of my wanderlust passion.

Speaking Point: Our San Diego Tribe: My father had thirteen siblings who each had between five and nine children. My mother also had a large family, and all of who lived within a five-mile radius of our house! Needless to say, our celebrations were extraordinary and abnormal when compared to the typical San Diego family’s get-togethers. I was always grateful for the huge community that our family fostered because it made me comfortable around large groups of people that I was unfamiliar withit’s not easy to remember 200 relatives’ names when you’re four years old! Additionally, seeing Iraqi and American relatives intermingling and celebrating together showed me the kind of world we can all live in if we simply spent the time getting to know each other better. This birthed my humanitarian mindset.

Speaking Point: Seeking my roots: Growing up in San Diego I always felt that I knew the American part of my identity better than the Iraqi, so this motivated me to trace my roots back to my father’s homeland of Iraq. This opened my eyes to a world both foreign and natural to me at the same time and from that point on, I dedicated a large portion of my life to supporting those children who live in Iraq (along with the innumerable countries with similar hardships) who do not have the proper means to flourish that I did while growing up. I created the Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation to manifest opportunities for them.

Speaking Point: I now travel the world, having spent time in over 60 countries, as a cultural researcher and humanitarian, bringing stories of my experiences and insights back to my clients as a life coach. I’ve learned that travel opens your eyes to a word outside of our own prejudice and closed-mindedness and can be the fastest and most powerful tool to heal the issues of your past. I now lead traveling retreats to obscure locations around the world for people to contribute toward the well being of indigenous cultures and rediscover themselves in the process.

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