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Crime and Law

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Anthony Salerno  
Why did Josh Powell do such a horrible thing to his own young sons?
Guestpert: Anthony Salerno
Category: Crime and Law

Speaking Point: Why did Josh Powell do such a horrible thing to his own young sons? – One of his own sisters recently grew suspicious of him. She actually stated she believed he had killed his wife, Susan. The mayor the town in Utah where Susan disappeared had recently said the $500,000 cost of the town’s investigation was worth it because they were getting “hot leads.” Josh Powell must have believed that his arrest for murdering his wife was coming soon and didn’t want to face that. That maybe explains his own suicide, but not killing his owns sons with a hatchet and fire. This can only be explained by his own extreme narcissism. Narcissism is common trait among criminals in general, and murderers in particular.

Speaking Point: Why did the 9-1-1 operator question the social worker for so long before dispatching police? – The social worker brought the young boys for a supervised court-ordered visit with Josh Powell. Josh Powell immediately locked her out of the house, and the social worker smelled gasoline. It is outrageous that the 9-1-1 operator delayed for so long before dispatching police to the scene. The operator claimed they needed to respond only to life threatening emergencies! What an absolute nightmare for those little boys.

Speaking Point: Why did the court even allow visits between the children and Josh Powell? – Another outrage. You have to wonder what the judge could have been thinking. Josh Powell is suspect number one in the apparent murder of his wife and the judge allows visitation? You are going to allow a potential murderer be with two young boys? Forget about the horrific murder-suicide that came, how about just the thought that the boys would grow up knowing they were forced to be with the person who killed their mother? Unbelievable. Kind the same as the judge who allowed OJ to see his children. How messed up would that make those kids?

Speaking Point: Did Josh Powell’s father have a role in killing Susan Powell? – Josh Powell was such a monster, he overshadows what a creep his father is. Powell’s father is a child pornographer and voyeur. Especially troubling is that the father apparently had a sexual fixation on his son’s wife, Susan. What makes it all the more disturbing is that apparently Josh Powell and his father remained close right up to the end. Could the father have actually killed Susan (perhaps she rebuffed his sexual advances, or perhaps she became aware of his pedophilia and voyeurism and threatened to bring it to light)? Did Josh Powell came up the unbelievable story about the impromptu winter camping trip to cover for his father? At the minimum, it’s hard to believe that Josh Powell’s father didn’t know whether his son ki

Speaking Point: Why didn’t the Utah authorities at least try to seek an indictment on Josh Powell? – The prosecutor could have convened a grand jury to investigate Susan Powell’s murder. They could have forced witnesses to come testify. They could have forced Powell himself to show up. And if he took the Fifth, the pressure on him would only have increased and maybe they could have gotten a break in the case. The investigators could have put a tail on him practically 24-7, watching for something suspicious and hoping for a break. The evidence on Scott Peterson wasn’t much stronger, and he got the death penalty. They should have gone for it.

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