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Congratulations! You are taking the most important step in your career - getting your message out to the World. Your inquiry into our work and business demonstrates your willingness to make a significant difference in the lives of many others. Our program of services is listed here to support and develop you and your company with the strongest, longest lasting, and most prosperous media platform possible. We want to empower you with a full set of tools to honour your dream and accomplish your life's pursuit. If you do not find what you are looking for in our ala carte listing of services, then we can create a custom plan that suits your unique needs. We can't wait to see you on TV!


Thank you for your consideration in developing your media profile with Jacquie Jordan Inc., its subsidiary TVGuestpert.com, and our publishing house JJI Publishing.

Jacquie Jordan Inc. /TVGuestpert.com/ Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing are visionary media companies that seek to educate, enlighten and entertain the masses with the highest level of integrity. Our full service production company, publishing house, management, and media development firm promise to engage you creatively and honor you and ourselves, as well as the community, in order to bring about fulfillment and abundance both personally and professionally.

We achieve these goals by teaching others how to develop their own unique message and launch it into the mass audience in an inspiring way, by using a multitude of media platforms.

What is a Media Development Company?

Our media development company, Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com is a portal for incubating talent, products, messages, and businesses. As a media development company we produce and develop content and product within the integrity of the membership community. As we leverage the profile and publicity of our Guest Experts (AKA “Guestperts”) in the media, their market value rises. This happens as a result of specific planning, growth, and development of our Guestpert clientele. As a company, we are then able to set up larger media properties for our Guestpert’s in publishing, features, television, radio, and as a result grow their businesses.

What is TVGuestpert.com?

TVGuestpert.com is a place where television producers come to book their guests, talent and Guestperts for their shows. It’s also a place for people who want to get on TV…those who have expertise, talent and/or a message to share. The site is marketed globally to the booking industry. You can say it is amortized public relations. It’s a community, when one Guestpert succeeds, we all succeed. When a Guestpert does well on television it increases opportunities and raises the reputation of the group as a whole.

What Is A TVGuestpert?

A TVGuestpert is usually a professional in a given field with a particular expertise who has a message to share. TVGuestperts have personal experiences that they want to share to the community at large through television. Often Guest Experts are seen on talk shows and news shows. A perfect example of a guest expert would be Dr. Phil, when he used to repeatedly appear on Oprah (before he landed his own show, of course).

Why Do People Want To Get On T.V.?

Television publicity is absolutely priceless. The exposure translates into increased business, book sales, web traffic, credibility, influence, and most importantly branding. Studies have shown, when someone has been on television as a guest, people tend to regard them as trustworthy, respected and experienced individuals. Part of our job at TVGuestpert.com is to mediate our Guestperts overall visions and goals with their television exposure and translate it all into direct sales.

Can Anyone Be a TVGuestpert?

We believe that everyone has some experience or area of expertise that television producers can use on their shows. Every person who applies for membership to TVGuestpert.com is considered. The company Founder, Television Producer – Jacquie Jordan, has booked, produced and overseen at least 10,000 guests on television. In her experience, the demand for television guests is on-going and insatiable. It’s important to note that we adhere to high standards when we provide on-camera guests for our shows. Producers know that TVGuestpert.com members are media-savvy, will follow protocol, are media trained or experienced, and most of all…will make really good TV! As a company, once we have received a request from someone wanting to subscribe to our services, we review their media application with our company committee and determine if they are an appropriate match with our community.

How Does TVGuestpert.com work?

We market our whole database of Guestperts globally to bookers and producers in television, radio, web content providers, and in print. We identify this type of marketing within our company as ‘community marketing.’ We do market individuals specifically under our media management accounts. This service is listed below in this rates and services document.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

We have four levels of membership for Guestperts: Standard, Elite, Elite Plus and Platinum

All memberships include:

  • Introductory Inclusion in the electronic newsletter that goes out to 5000 media bookers worldwide.
  • In house profile set-up including electronic picture (.jpg format); bio (word .doc)
  • Up to one hour walk through of TVGuestpert.com navigation.
  • Dashboard reports of media inquiries with topics.
  • Filtering speaking points before sending to Producers.
  • Gate keeping of Hot Topics posted on profile page.
  • Media Inquiries and Speaking Points Request to you via designated account e-mail
  • Full booking confirmations to both Guestpert and Producers
  • Immediate notification by phone and email for quick turnaround bookings
  • Recommendations on where to strengthen your platform
  • 24 hour contact with Media via phone and email.
  • 24 hour media surveillance
  • Confidentiality of contact information.
  • Full service detail coordination and logistics handling all of media bookings.
  • All Guestpert members are eligible for all paid on camera opportunities including, host jobs, correspondence jobs, spokesperson deals, speaking engagements, and development deals.

Standard Guestpert Membership

Standard Guestpert Membership allows you to post your profile: Biography, Headshot, Areas of expertise, and Segment Pitches (AKA Hot Topics) on the TVGuestpert.com website. This quick and easy resource allows Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com’s extensive network of television producers to find just the talent they need - fast and easy - all with the click of a mouse. Any producer looking for your type of expertise can instantly find you.

Monthly Membership Fee – 12 month minimum contract

Listing of Guestperts

Elite Guestpert Membership

Provides all of the features of the Standard Membership Profile: Biography, Areas of expertise, Pitches.


  • Blogging
  • Inclusion in rotation as Featured Guestpert on front page of TVGuestpert.com
  • Demo Tape Video Streaming – Guestperts with a hosted demo reel have a higher booking rate because television is a visual medium – meaning that Producers can see who you are and what you can do for the show.
  • We will host demo reels –whether or not they are produced by us. Demo reels produced by us will feature the company logo on it for distinction to producers.

Monthly Membership Fee – 12 month minimum contract

Elite Plus (also recognized as a “run and gun”)

Provides all of the features of the Standard Membership: Profile, Biography, Areas of expertise, and Pitches. Elite Plus provides all of the features of the Elite Membership: Blogging, Featured Guestpert front page rotation, and demo reel streaming.


  • 10 hours a month of active pitching to all media outlets by assigned TVG account manager.
  • 1 weekly conference call to review pitching status and bookings.

Platinum Guestpert Membership (also recognized as a media management account)

Provides all of the features of the Elite Plus Membership.


  • Book Publishing services
  • National Distribution
  • Media Management

* See full scope of book publishing services below.

Monthly/12 months. *Ghostwriting contract is an 18 month Platinum Agreement.

POLICY NOTE FOR ALL MEMBERSHIPS: After first full year, we charge credit card monthly unless cancelled by with 30 days written notice – certified mail to our address.

Once I am signed up, how do I get started?

Once you have signed up and your media application has been approved, you will be given a passcode and access to your TVGuestpert account. Also, you will be given a walk-thru of the TVGuestpert.com web-site by one of our staff members. Your headshot (.jpg format) and bio are required to initiate your profile. For Elite members, a demo reel (.mov format) is also required. If you do not have a current headshot that represents your branding, please see our photography services below. If you do not have a bio that is ready for publishing, please see our media consulting services below.

What are Hot Topics?

Hot Topics are segment content that Guestperts create and write to expand their potential of getting booked on TV. Producers search out Hot Topics when researching story ideas under specific topics.

Do you only deal with Television?

No. We deal with print, broadcast radio, internet radio, new media, speaking engagements, and online media. Our teams’ experience, as veteran television producers and our standing in the producing community does, however, make TV a focal point of our website. It’s the decades-worth of Jacquie Jordan’s relationships in television that serves as the solid foundation for all that we do.

What bookings have Guestperts had?

Oprah; The Discovery Channel; Reuters.com; WNET; PBS; ABC; Inside Edition; Star Magazine; NY Post; KNBC; CBS; ABC 7 KGO-TV; TVGuide Channel; 93.4; The Food Network; VH-1; Fox 5; The BBC; Essence Magazine; KTLA; KTLR AM 890; Playboy Radio; Playboy Magazine; Entertainment Tonight; Extra; Maxim Magazine; TLC; MTV; E! Entertainment; Style Network; The Wall Street Journal; A&E; We TV; KFI AM 640; NBC 40; CNN; Fox News Channel; Mike and Juliet; The Today Show; The LA Times; Ellen; Good Morning America; NBC; Bloomberg Radio; Bloomberg Television; NY Post; New York Times; SportsTalk Network; Versus TV; Family Circle Magazine; The Greg Berendt Show; Soap Talk; The Martha Stewart Show; Mark Burnett’s Casino; Larry King Live; The Strategy Room; O’Reilly Factor; HSN, HGTV, DIY, NPR, The Mancow Muller Show, Swift Justice and more...

Booked Show Logos


Media Consultation is the active development of your media plan, vision, strategy, and overall “message.” We evaluate your current platform and help you design a “blueprint” for raising your profile in the media. During our initial consultations with you, we examine your past media experience, and your overall vision and we determine what action steps need to be taken in the ‘spaces in between.’

Fast Tracking your Media consultation: 15 hours of time.

The following is a breakdown of the areas of work that a media consultation may cover:


A brand is the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected with your product. As a television guest expert, YOU are the product. Our philosophy is to create a distinct yet consistent identity for the Guestpert's overall media package while honoring their mission statement.


A bio is a one page biography constructed specifically for use as part of your media plan. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your bio, it should be designed by someone who “speaks the language” of the specific target audience. A biography provided by Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com is written by television producers for television producers. For more information about bios – refer to Get on TV! The Insider's Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself by Jacquie Jordan page 75.

Example of Biography


A press kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials which usually a Demo Reel DVD, articles/reviews, photos, and background information on the person(s). Television show producers are bombarded by thousands of press kits and various other material submissions. In order to ensure that your press kit and materials are most likely to be seen by the producers, during our media consultations, we can advise you on creating and packaging them in a way that overcomes the unique barriers that exist in television production offices.

*In our a la carte services, we also produce high quality magazine style press-kits. See this rates and services document below for more information.

Press Kit Examples:

Press Kits


We work with our Guestperts to develop the sound-bites, content, and message that creates the most possibilities for getting booked on TV! We often refer to these as Hot Topics. The most underrated yet valuable service a Guestpert can invest in, learn, and practice is the development of creating sellable speaking points because the currency of the language of bookings is segment topics. The wider an expert’s message can be crafted, the broader the chance a Guestpert has in creating and attracting the most possible media requests. If a producer does not know about you or your expertise, they will come to TVGuestpert.com for content. Your participation in your own content development is crucial to the outcome of your success in your media career. In addition, we have seen that the creating of content that comes through this process opens up all sorts of unexpected and unforeseen opportunities for the Guestpert.

*As a Guestpert, we highly recommend that you put “member of TVGuestpert.com” on your web-site and marketing materials accordingly, as it is a media privilege to be a TVGuestpert.


You are about to embark on a journey of media development training in community of Guestperts. You have been assigned an experienced TVGuestpert who has been successful with their branding, development, and overall media campaign. We have chosen a fellow Guestpert that we believe is just right for you. Our mentorship program is a seven week session.

The purpose of your TVGuestpert mentorship program is to fast track you through the early stages of development.

After completion of your mentorship program, you automatically qualify for TVGuestpert.com membership. You will possess clarity of branding, a completed press-kit and will be ready to exercise your on camera skills.

Required reading: Get on TV! The Insider's Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself by Jacquie Jordan - available on Amazon.com.

SAMPLE PROGRAM - *Note – programs are designed to meet the needs of the Guestpert.

Week #1: The Vision – overall purpose of your media goals
Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Write them and review them with your mentor.
Learn about your mentor’s own media campaign from the perspective of branding.

Week #2: Bio
Read pages 73 - 79
Who are you? How does it fit into branding? Who is your competition? Who do you emulate? Review bio with mentor. Remember to include a story that would cause a producer to care about you as an expert.

Week #3: Pitches, Hooks, and Branding: Who are you?
Homework: Read Chapter 3 and Chapter 6
Make a list. Write out all the media outlets that are appropriate for you. WATCH TV!
Write out all of that week’s news stories that you have an opinion on and can comment on.

Week #4: Hot Topics
Read Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
Write up at least 4 sample pitches that would make good Hot Topics for your future membership.
Write a sample Press Release
Review the idea of unspoken trade-out rule. This is important for your future product development.

Week #5: Speaking Points
Read Chapter 9 and Chapter 10
Work out all the speaking points including opening sound-bite and review with your mentor.

Week #6: Press-Kit Presentation to TVGuestpert.com Review committee
After prepping your bio, pitches, complete and submit a final press-kit for review and prepare to do at least 4 pitches orally. Also, prepare to present your branding. This is also your time to get feedback on your development from the TVGuestpert management who has been checking in with your mentor over the course of the previous 6 weeks.

Week #7: Review
Review with your mentor any feedback that you received from your presentation and make appropriate revisions. Discuss the next phase of your launch which is the visual, (web-site design) (book proposal and development) content, and back end development of your media campaign.

Congratulations! You have advanced to standard membership.


Once you get booked on TV, there is a whole process for protecting the integrity of your message, honouring the booking, and delivering a successful interview for yourself and the producer that booked you. And, of course, you want to be asked back!

Our proactive, interactive teaching service is recommended to all clients, old and new to the camera. It’s as much content delivery as it is a skilful performance. We address issues such as – Do you know how to get your plug in appropriately? How do you protect the boundaries of your message? How do you handle a derailed host (or avoid being one)? What’s the difference between preparing for a 3 minute vs. 5 minute vs. 7 minute segment? What are the top reasons why an on-camera performance can quickly go south? Find out the answers as you explore your strengths and your challenges as an on-air professional. Individual, group, and corporate sessions are available. Teleprompter training is available upon request.

Below is an outline of the service description and relative fees. We can also put together a package that consists of a series of On-Camera sessions, once we are familiar with a particular client and will customize the series to meet their specific needs.

Media and Corporate Clients have included Tech TV; BET; ABC Family; Maverick Films; the State of California; PR Firms and countless celebrities.

camera training

VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES – Demo Reel & Speaker Reel Services

A reel of past performances highlights is always helpful, but here at TVGuestpert.com, we strongly recommend showing producers not just what you’ve done, but what you WILL be doing when you land those bookings. Our professionally produced demo reels are not clip oriented. We script, shoot and edit brand new materials and interviews that show producers exactly what you, your message and your appeal is all about. We can put your demo reel online; instant access for inquiring producers! And as an additional bonus, we can also produce a Speaker’s Reel for clients who wish to explore the lucrative world of speaking engagements and tours.

All productions are conducted personally by two-time Emmy Nominated television producer, Jacquie Jordan. Below is an outline of the service description and relative fees.

All subcontractors and/or vendor service providers who work on our demo reel productions are experienced broadcast television professionals, i.e. camera crew, hair/makeup, post production facilities, editors, producers, director, lighting/sound operator, craft service, location scout, teleprompter/operator, dubbing/digitizing, equipment rentals, staff. *Note- not all professionals are required for every shoot.

The final product is appropriate for submission for show development, show host opportunities as well as guestpert spots.

* Speaker Reels are designed for speaker’s bureaus; corporate speaking engagements, seminars and workshops and are not television or broadcast content oriented.

* Please request samples of speaker’s reels or demo reels by emailing Assistant@TVGuestpert.com.

On The Set


Public Relations is one of the tools that Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com use to leverage media properties (yes! That’s you!). Our media management accounts offer traditional public relations services such as active pitching and promotion to all media venues. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We do not claim to be publicists. We are television producers servicing the needs of our media clients on behalf of our vendors, the Guestperts which gives our Guestperts an unspoken advantage.


A pitch is a carefully written or verbal form of communication intended to “sell” a producer on the idea of having you, your story or your product on their show. The format of a pitch for television is different than a sales pitch you might present to a customer, client or audience. Producers prefer to receive these if they are done in a way that follows certain guidelines. There is a real art and a science to creating these if they are going to be effective. The format of a pitch is important. We can review, critique, and edit your pitches for you. We can also create them from scratch.

Pitches – Submitting*

Once a pitch has been created properly, then it can be submitted to the producers. The key here is knowing who you are submitting to and why. Be informed about the person who is on the receiving end of your pitch. Be familiar with the show’s format. Understand the hierarchy of their production office. Also, you’ll want to be sure that “all of your ducks are in order” before you start contacting producers, i.e. it doesn’t make sense to pitch to a show that won’t consider someone without a demo reel if you don’t have a demo reel. There is also the “how” of it. Some producers prefer to receive them over the phone. Many prefer email. Some would rather get them via “snail mail.” Many producers are looking for very specific elements of a pitch. We only offer this proactive pitching as a service for those who meet certain criteria. The process of pitching takes quite a bit of work and can be very time consuming. Because of our relationships with the producing community, we are privy to the information that can be helpful in increasing the odds of getting booked.

*Only available for Elite Plus, Platinum or a customized media management account. Minimum 6 month contract ** Guestpert membership is included in this account for the length of this contract.


  1. Provide on-camera training and content construction for pitches and booked appearances
  2. Review and advise on press kit and related materials provided by Client - Months 1 and 2
  3. Pre-interview Client to create a TV friendly bio, as opposed to a CV - Month 1
  4. Work with Client to strategically plan and develop media campaign and content refinement-Mon
  5. Author written and verbal communications (“Pitches”) for the purpose of “selling” the idea of having client, client’s story, book, and/or products to the targeted television, radio and print media outlets
  6. Distribute and follow up Pitches via email and telephone communication
  7. Serve as liaison between producers and Client to coordinate the details of each booking i.e. speaking points, show format, scheduling, assisting in the production of the segment, following up with the show afterwards and reviewing the appearance with Client.
  8. Offer support and feedback for on camera performance.


Premium Publishing

Under a one year media management contract with Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com, Jacquie Jordan Publishing Inc. will publish a completed manuscript for national distribution with one of our known associations i.e. Ingram or New Leaf depending on the product or the media campaign.

Ingram Book Company & New Leaf Distributing

Under this arrangement, Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing will pick up all of the hard copy expenses related to the publishing and distribution of the book including, but not limited to cover design, production galley, Chicago Style Copy Editing; infrastructure to support national bookstore distribution in conjunction with Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com media management account to coordinate and promote the book nationally. Jacquie Jordan Inc./Publishing will also set up the appropriate new media platforms for the book distribution including, but not limited to e-Book; Kindle.

The advantage of having your book published under this arrangement is that you get the publishing and the PR under the same roof.

The profit share on the back end for distribution fees for book sales after consignment returns is 50/50 to the author/publisher.

Basic Publishing

If you already have a book that is self published, Jacquie Jordan Inc. will consider picking up the distribution costs of the book under a media management agreement.

Published by JJI Publishing

book covers

What makes our publishing services unique is that we are not a 'self-publishing' company. There are no 'agent fees.' We can turn around the publishing process of a book in under one year. We have the infrastructure to promote and sell the book, and in our new business model, we split profits with author as a business partnership.

*detailed PowerPoint presentation upon request

Ghost Writing Services

If you're book is not complete, we will project manage and ghost write the beginning, middle or end of a book to support our Guestpert’s platform.


6 TO 9 MONTHS –depending on pre-material evaluation.


Month 1:

  • Initial Meetings and Materials organization/overview
  • Materials Organization: Research and Interviews (If Required)
  • Materials Organization: book proposal preparation
  • Begin book OUTLINING (if no research & Interviews)
  • 8 days: 4 Meetings + 4 days Materials

Month 2:

  • Outlining Stage and basic MS structural assembly
    • Chapter CONTENT developed: titles, section topics, section content.
  • Book proposal developed & completed from Outline
    • Chapter Titles & Basic Content notes for each chapter
    • “What the Reader Will Learn” Summary for each chapter
    • Basic Book pitch & Basic Analysis of competition
    • Sample Chapter or Introduction
  • Client begins their writing sessions
  • WRITER begins polishing Client MS chapters/sections
  • 8 days: 2-3 Meetings + 4-6 days Materials
  • Book Proposal completion

Month 3:

  • Re-writing (WRITER polishing client-generated material)
  • Additional Writing (WRITER generates new material based on outline)
  • 8 Days: 2 meetings + 6 Days Materials

Month 4:

  • Re-writing (WRITER polishing client-generated material)
  • Additional Writing (WRITER generates new material based on outline)
  • 8 Days: 2 meetings + 6 Days Materials

Month 5:

50/50 split between Final Writing Phase and Editing Phase

  • Re-writing (WRITER polishing client-generated material)
  • Additional Writing (WRITER generates new material based on outline)
  • EDITING phase: Client + WRITER + final, TVGuestpert input.
  • 8 Days: 2-3 meetings + 5-6 Days Materials
  • Completion of Final Manuscript.


  • Meeting Days can and will vary. Initial organizational meetings should be no longer than 3 hours
  • Client & WRITER can communicate via email (preferred) or phone at ANY TIME regarding ongoing writing, new ideas, general feedback ideas.
  • During Months 3-5, chapter meetings can be done via phone/email if client prefers.


  • Some clients may have more advanced materials & structure for their book already in place. In that case, writing can begin earlier that the Writer schedule indicates above.
  • The word count a minimum of 40,000 – to maximum of 60,000.
  • Editing period can be longer and can incorporate more new material.


It is our intention as a company, through current and active Guestpert membership to create sustainable, promotable, public, marketing opportunities in alignment with a Guestpert’s area of expertise and mission statement. We do not offer opportunities outside the integrity of the membership.

For seasoned Guestperts who qualify and whose press materials and demo reel we've either produced or approved, we will submit Guestperts’ for all paid hosting opportunities that come our way that is appropriate for their expertise. We do not require an exclusive contract for this arrangement. It’s exclusive only per submission and we require a 15% commission fee for all paid opportunities. Each submission is papered individually and requires pre-consent of Guestpert. We do not promise nor are we an employment agency.

We have placed countless Guestperts with solid platforms in spokesperson deals (Panasonic; Nokia; Walmart); host jobs (Style Network; ABC) and recurring Guestpert spots (Judge Joe Brown; Swift Justice.)


As a company owned and run by producers, we are looking to create strategic business partnerships with the various members of the TVGuestpert.com community. TVGuestpert.com allows us to incubate, talent= YOU!; product =YOU! Content=YOU!; and a solid Business Relationship=YOU! We’ve had a lot of success applying the strategies of our services to our Guestpert platforms in all mediums: feature films; TV shows; publishing; advertising; and the internet that has been prosperous for us and prosperous for our Guestpert. We continue to search, look, and create these opportunities for you as we get to know you professionally and as you get to grow media-WISE! We create the financial business relationship per the opportunity created exclusive to the individual Guestpert.

Submission Policy

For Guestpert membership, a media application is required for internal review at no cost.

For project submission, i.e. Book, television show, etc. Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com will request the signing of a submission release form, as we are exposed to a variety of material on a daily basis and we want to protect you and ourselves appropriately. For consideration of any of the high end services, we charge a submission fee that we will refunded against the total value of an executed contract.

All of our proposals are good for 30 days after offer has been submitted.



We have a full service graphic designer to produce a press-kit that will get you Booked on TV! We also help you fashion the content of your press kit/materials so that it is consistent in reflecting your overall branding message and style. Our press-kits are unique to the Guestpert community and are published like a glossy magazine.

Ask to see samples: assistant@tvguestpert.com. *.pdf samples are emailed at no cost.

Hard copy samples are available for a small cost (which we’ll reimburse you for with an executed press-kit contract).

These press-kits reflect the high value and high quality that we are presenting and representing in the community of media; advertising and public presentation. If you are at this level in your media campaign, we highly recommend this investment.

Press Kit Example


Professional celebrity photographers

Includes 2 wardrobe changes, make-up and one hour of touch-ups

*Sample before and after Guestpert pictures!

Before and After pictures


SHOW DOCTOR – For productions up and running, we offer consulting services. This service has been useful for experts or Guestperts who have their own television productions going.

RADIO DISTRIBUTION – We have distribution deals with several local broadcast stations and can produce four hourly radio shows a month. Depending on several varying production details such as time slot; post production video streaming; and location.

radio studios


STYLIST – We have a full stylist that will prepare your wardrobe for your media career in a cost effective manner.

HAIR/MAKE-UP – We can provide Hair/Make-up to our Guestperts before an appearance.

hair and makeup

*NOTE – this service can be done at your home in the LA area.
*NOTE – out of Los Angeles Hair/Make Up is priced higher than in the Los Angeles Area.


We can provide full service web-design to keep it all within your branding. We realized early on that we were bringing to the table amazing television opportunities that were not translating for the Guestpert. We came to find out that many web-sites were actually web-pages that didn't provide or collect the data needed to build a media platform. TVGuestpert's own IT team and graphic design group will customize a personal web-site.

wed design examples

*Quote based on needs.


Video Dubs

Minimum order 10. Includes Head Shot and Contact Information on professional casing demo reel DVD. Turnaround time is about 20 days.

video dubs

Graphic Design

For cover graphic design work for DVD cover, above and beyond, standard casing which includes background, headshot, expertise and contact info.

Video Monitoring Service - .Mov on DVD Disc

Depending on the research of the broadcast, an average television or radio appearance per DVD record. We request 48 hours prior to your booking to obtain the material.

Additional Video Demo Reel Production for Other Purposes

These additional demo reels are quite different than the purpose, the design, and the strategy of our traditional Video Demo Reels.

Speakers Demo Reels

We produce Speakers Demo Reels, as many speakers bureaus have reached out to TVGuestpert.com to book our Experts as their speakers. We have found that this has become a lucrative stream of income for Guestperts.

speaker reels

Host Demo Reels

For the experienced TVGuestpert who has laid the groundwork of his/her platform and is ready to step into the role of show host.

host reels

Company Profile Demo Reels

These reels are for your business-to-business or direct to customer marketing. They are perfect for showcasing your company to potential clients.

Product Demo Reels

Like a commercial for your product or service. Use it in email campaigns, in your sales materials, for presentations, trade shows, on your website and across the internet.

product reels

Investor Reels

A video produced for the purpose of demonstrating the value of your company to potential investors. Far greater impact than a power point presentation!

investor reels

Book Reels

For the author who's looking for an edge when pitching the big publishing houses.

book reels

Political Campaign Reels

Get your message out to the voters with video. Use it on your campaign website, YouTube and at your events to help win that election!

political reels


In one year we will fully develop, brand, create product, produce a demo reel and take you out to the media market place with the full efforts of creating your media business.

This package includes

  • Broadcast Radio Show for Television Air (Producing and Production/ 12 Episodes)
  • Demo reel production
  • Speaker reel production
  • Media Management (daily proactive pitching to producers/network execs/casting directors etc)
  • Crafting new sets of pitches for you every week
  • Strategic planning sessions for media campaign
  • Strategic planning sessions for product development
  • Post-appearance media consultation
  • On-camera training
  • Professionally designed “magazine style” press kit
  • Platinum membership to TVGuestpert.com
  • Professional, TV-friendly headshots by celebrity photographer
  • TV Friendly BIO
  • Keynote One Sheet
  • DVD dubs (50)
  • Press Kit copies (25)
  • Video Monitoring Service (first 5 TV Appearances)

* Note: time frame is strategic and falls into a strategic sequence of events.


“I am soooo grateful to have had this great experience. And we have sewn 10,000+ seeds and gotten millions of impressions. How amazing!

Thank you so much for my bestselling book.”

- Platinum Guestpert Darren Campo

“In this industry it is hard to find wholesome, trustworthy, and understanding people. Jacquie Jordan and her staff go above and beyond to deliver what they promise and be the best support system you could ask for along the journey.”

- Platinum Guestpert Chelsea Krost

“OMG!! It is amazing!! I love it.

You put a lot of loving energy into this project...for which I am eternally grateful. You may not believe this, but after I read through the entire press kit you just sent me, I cried. It was like seeing my life and all my professional accomplishments flash in front of me and I was so proud. In fact, right now I am still catching my breath as this press kit has blown me away.”

- Platinum Guestpert Eve Michaels

“I have been working with Jacquie Jordan and Darice Fisher for almost four years. I’ve loved every minute of it. I thought I was fairly articulate about expressing my ideas and summarizing my book prior to seeing myself on tape for the first time. Not a pretty sight. I had a long road ahead of me. Without exaggeration they took me from being a rambling unfocused on-camera guest to what I believe now to be a concise, sharp, on-point expert ready to handle any situation on camera. That transformation is entirely due to their efforts.

The demo reel they made for me opened doors otherwise inaccessible. Their training allowed me to perform well whenever on radio and TV, always being invited back for more. Their press kits are the best I“ve seen in the industry; their growing publishing arm allowed me to publish my magnum opus. They are a class act all the way.

If you decide to go with Jacquie and company, you will be in expert guiding hands. They have my wholehearted and enthusiastic endorsement.”

- Platinum Guestpert Jeff Schweitzer PhD

“I've had the pleasure of working with Jacquie for years… I’ve taken her training classes, as well as private coaching sessions. The result? I learned how to package myself into media sound bites and an on-camera presence. Jacquie’s team taught me make-up, helped me prepare camera ready outfits for travel, created my sizzle reel, and much more. If you’re looking to move into media as an expert in your space, Jacquie with her sage experience on countless productions will get you to where you’re going. Jacquie’s creativity, generosity, good will, and always upbeat attitude make working with her an absolute pleasure.”

- Elite Guestpert Dianne Gubin

“I was speaking at a conference two years ago, (locally) and the headliner came over to us (my wife, Linda and I). She has been all over national TV as an "expert" and had a bestselling book. She thought we needed to meet Jacquie and her people at TVGuestpert.com. I was skeptical and deferred this whole notion of reaching for my dream to take my message to the largest stage. A year later, Linda and I decided to fly to LA and see what this whole Jacquie Jordan thing was all about. What we found when we arrived, was something we never believed existed in this industry...professionals with integrity and vision and an ability to 'say what they do and do what they say'. We are all about integrity and took a leap of faith. Jacquie, Richard, Stephanie and Jane have been amazing. Today I am host of my own radio show, my book will be published this fall and we are poised to take our leap!

Thank you Jacquie and co.”

- Platinum Guestpert Dr. Phil Dembo

“We never would have believed five minutes could be so profitable! We sold over $40,000 of product after our five minute segment on “Martha”, and we could track re-broadcasts of our segment based on sales to our business for the following year.”

- Elite Kimberly and Katherine Corp

“Jacquie ought to know how to get you on TV... she’s put half the country on TV.... including me.”

- Maury Povich, Television Host

“Jacquie has the ability to maintain a fair balance between the voice of the project she is producing and the needs of her guests. By integrating her personal warmth, wit, and ability to get to the heart of an issue, the end result is guaranteed to be a winner.”

- John Edward, Television Host, Psychic Medium and author of Crossing Over

“I recently used an expert who did not come through Jacquie Jordan & even though I prepped her & wrote out her bullet points, the expert did not deliver as we rehearsed. She was thrown off by the host, got confused & looked lost through the rest of the segment. This hasn’t happened with experts who come through TV Guestpert.”

- TV Producer, CBS Studios, Inc.

“The skills Jacquie taught me in her book, course, and coaching have given me the keys to successfully communicate to a broad audience in a language that catches attention but never compromises the core of the meaning of my work and mission in life. This is the alchemy of heart-based marketing; turning your invisible passionate emotions about your work, topic, or product, and turning it into a sound-track that will grab attention and invite a wide audience into your mission.”

- Christine Stevens, UpBeat Drum Circles

“Jacquie Jordan sends a heartfelt message that we can be strong in business and still come from the Heart. This book represents where business is going – from being a one-track money model to an expression of who we are and one that can help humanity as well.”

- Ali Brown, Ali International LLC, millionaire entrepreneur coach

“I also have purchased Heartfelt Marketing, which resonates with everything I believe.

Two weeks ago I went to Texas, to do book signings for my novel Amarillo. I appeared on three TV stations there and enjoyed each and every one. As I went [through] those processes, I thought about what I had learned from your writing. Thank you!

I deeply appreciate the wonderful work you do and your inspirational books.”

- Bill Durham, Author of “Amarillo”

“Jacquie Jordan has humor and humility about the often chaotic and hectic pace of television producing and lets people in on knowing how important they are to the show and the process.”

- Marla Maples Trump

“Like many creative types, after finishing my first masterpiece, I had no idea how to begin promoting myself. It was overwhelming and frightening to even think about. I was fortunate enough to meet with Jacquie Jordan at TV Guestpert and read her book, Get On TV!, my goal is no longer to be on Oprah or Ellen DeGenres tomorrow, but I now have a road map to get there and be ready for it. More importantly, I feel like promoting myself can be fun, empowering, and completely possible!”

- Emrys Hanley, Singer/Songwriter

“I found your book at our local library and I love it!... Your website is very user friendly, also. I plan to log in and list myself as one of your "TVGuestperts" as soon as I get my 5 finger brand hand together!”

- Sara Tetreault, www.GoGingham.com (Stylishly Frugal Living)