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Jacquie Jordan
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Jacquie has produced
countless TV shows and been
involved in booking, or
producing 10,000+ television
guests. Jacquie also works
with new experts and exciting talent
on their branding, promotion,
marketing and development,
as well as on-camera skills.
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When we place the Jacquie Jordan Inc. logo on a Guestpert’s profile, it is because Jacquie Jordan Inc. has produced their demo reel. It’s a special seal of approval that lets the producers know the distinction between demo reels produced by Jacquie Jordan Inc. and demo reels not produced by Jacquie Jordan Inc. on the TVGuestpert site.

Books Published By Jacquie Jordan Inc.

The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read
Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy
NINETEEN: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life
Alex Details Revolution
Alex Detail's Rebellion
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Television producers on the hunt for expert guests are constantly hungry for fresh, engaging faces. Every year, THOUSANDS of guests make it onto television shows to deliver their unique messages which, over time, can make them recognizable names.

But despite the never-ending demand for talent, getting on TV as an expert is not a simple process and staying on TV is even more challenging. Why? Competition.

TVGuestpert.com thoroughly understands that challenge because we are television producers ourselves, and we know what media outlets are looking for.

TVGuestpert.com has evolved an Internet-savvy virtual store-front shop where producers can drop by and actually SEE and HEAR our clients, as well as learn about their talking points, websites, books, DVDs, you name it.

We offer a number of services to our clients through our membership and media management accounts, from coaching sessions to professional demo reels, from career strategizing and public relations consultation to brand creation, innovation and development. We can make you ready for that big step out onto the national television stages, and we can help make that step happen.

We also offer the services of Gold/Jordan Productions, which takes developed talent and/or content and pitches it to major agencies, studios and production entities in order to develop scripted and reality television programming as well as feature films.

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Whether you are just beginning your media development journey or in the process of a re-branding overhaul, we recommend "Get on TV!" as a simple, bare, basic, and affordable place to start.  For new Guestperts, "Get on TV!" gives you the fundamentals of the TV conversation without making a huge financial commitment.  And for the old-timers, the refresher course is sure to inspire new ways of approaching your media development journey.  This book is suggested as pre-requisite reading for strategic consultation meetings.
Available Services

Strategic Consultation

Whether you join us for one session or join the media development community of Jacquie Jordan Inc / TV Guestpert.com or Gold / Jordan Productions, after only one hour, you will walk away with invaluable information that can be immediately applied to your media career.

Strategic Development

Experts and talent are always evolving and so we offer this seasonal series of strategic consultations to re-asses the growth and development or out clients' platforms as well as analyze new media opportunities and trends. This service is also available to those who hope to become TVGuestperts but have yet to fully develop a platform or commit to becoming clients.

On Camera Training

This proactive, interactive teaching service is recommended for all new clients. Do you know why a three-minute live interview can be harder than a seven-minute interview? Do you know how to protect your message's integrity while giving producers what they are looking for? What are the top three reasons on air performances can quickly go south? Find out the answers as you explore your strengths and limitations as an on-air professional. Individual, group, and corporate sessions available. Teleprompter training available upon request.

Demo Reels and Video Production Services

A reel of past performance highlights is always helpful, but here at TVGuestpert.com, we strongly recommend showing producers not just what you've done, but what you WILL be doing when you land those bookings. Our professionally produced demo reels are not clip oriented. We script, shoot and edit brand new materials and interviews that show producers exactly what you, your message and your appeal is all about. We can put your demo reel online: instant access for inquiring producers! And as an additional bonus, we can also produce a Speaker's Reel for clients who wish to explore the lucrative world of speaking engagements and tours. See the SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AND DEMO REELS section below for more details.

Jacquie Jordan Inc. Corporate Media Management Accounts and Crisis Management PR Services

Under the banner of Jacquie Jordan Inc./TVGuestpert.com, JJI runs behind the scenes traditional PR services for upscale corporate clients or corporate clients in crisis management situations. Unlike the media management component of TVGuestpert.com, JJI Corporate Media Management services discreetly and responsibly handles corporate accounts and community relations with the class and finesse of a white glove service. The muscle behind JJI corporate services is that the company is owned and operated by television producers and executives who use public relations as a tool to advocate for the client. They proactively work on behalf of their client with the television and media industry to create the public perception the client needs based on strategic content development that are directed by the overall goals of the corporation. This gives JJI’s clients an upperhand in the media access game.
Membership and Management Accounts
Standard Guestpert Membership
TVGuestpert.com wants guestperts who can deliver appealing, compelling performances, but we recognize that budgets may vary wildly among prospective clients. Out standard membership's nickname is the "No Excuses" option and is a great place to step in and get your media feet wet.
Elite Guestpert Membership
This membership is for the most developed, committed clients. It features demo reel hosting on the TVG website and access to up-to-the-moment industry insider tips and information that you won't find in Variety or online. We help clients best utilize this information to help them plan, navigate and capitalize on Guestpert generated media and development opportunities.
Media Management Account
Public Relations is one of the tools that TVGuestpert.com/Jacquie Jordan Inc and Gold /Jordan Productions use to leverage media properties. TVGuestpert membership is not required to have a Media Management Account, however, it is encouraged.
Corporate Management Account
The same services as the Management Account for corporate and non-profit entities.
Other Benefits and Services
Speaking Engagements and Speaker Demo Reels

Who says you need to have a TV camera nearby to launch or develop a thriving media career? Speaking engagements and tours are a thriving media niche, offering another avenue of media exposure and penetration. While we do not specialize in developing speaking engagement careers, many speakers' bureaus, companies and other organizations have sought out TVGuestpert.com for fresh experts and talent with a unique message or Point-of-View. We facilitate this kind of outreach via TVG. Fees our Guestperts have received for speaking start at $5K.

TVG/Jacquie Jordan Inc can also produce a custom demo reel for talent with a strong interest in developing a speaking engagement career. Unlike the standard demo reel, in which we script, edit and produce a presentation of your ideas, talking points and visual appeal, a Speakers Demo reel focuses on longer-form presentation of your content featuring the best of your proposed or existing speaking points, anecdotes and jokes.