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Interview of Jacquie Jordan from a College Student

- What was your career path to this position?

In hindsight I realized that I was doing as a child - producing plays in the back yard - that which I do as an adult professionally. On the path, I was always a big organizer - school plays, yearbooks, etc. I studied communications at the University of Delaware. I was an intern at KYW-TV Philadelphia and started in radio before television. - What are the core responsibilities of your position?

I oversee the operation of the company and the results of the services we provide for clients which we call Guestperts.

- What entry-level positions would I hold before I would be qualified to hold your position?

I write about the hierarchy of television in my book, "Get on TV! The Insider's Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself." Internship is the starting place. For me, I have held every single production and producing position along the way from intern to show runner to company owner.

- What special advice would you give a person entering this field?

Intern as many places as possible and with as many people as possible.

- What part of your job do you find the most satisfying and also the most challenging?

The personalities are most challenging. The results are most rewarding.

- What important trends have you identified in your industry? How have these trends impacted your business? Have you changed the way you do business and if so, what has changed?

Trends are very important to identify. When I wrote my first book, "Get on TV!" I wrote about the use of VHS tapes which are already obsolete. Especially for this industry - trends are changing fast as is technology. So the dissemination of information has shifted a lot. We also have to be weary of flash and the pan type of schemes and trends which we also witness all of the time. One example, my clients were being sold business card size floppy disks for their demo reels - which never happened. Lots of variables to watch and witness.

For more information, I wrote an essay for young girls in a book called, "Making it in High Heels Part II" if you are more interested in my 'coming up' story!