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When Does Passion Around a Project Become Your Own Poison?

As a content provider, we deal with the various multi-dimensions of content on a daily basis through our work at TVGuestpert. We are in the incessant flow of pitching, being pitched, and pitching again. We serve many masters in the game of content and distribution. One of the most difficult issues we deal with as a media development company is when we know a pitch is good, but the idea-generator can't let it go. They are so passionate about the project that they are choking the life out of the organic process.

One might say this is a problem of abundance given how few ideas truly fly. At some point, a good idea needs to be released into the world for its own possible survival. It needs to be released so that others who will benefit from the idea can add their creative input, two cents, signature or specific requirements that would make it successful through their company, financing or distribution. Collaboration is key. A good idea is a living organism.