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Appearances last longer than 3 minutes on TV!

We’re off to a BRAND NEW YEAR!!! So much is happening – that it’s quite exciting.

We just Published Our Author Guestpert Darren Campo’s novella “Disappearing Spell: Generationist Files, Book 1”, available on Kindle and featured in Entertainment Tonight’s 12 Days of Christmas Give Away. This is the third property we’ve had the privilege of publishing with Darren Campo over the last few years. One of which is a popular best seller.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s Celebrity Gift Bags like Entertainment Tonight’s 12 Days of Christmas Give Aways, please let us know. Last year, we were represented at the Emmy’s, Teen Choice Awards, The Writer’s Guild Awards, and others… This year we will be working with TEDx in addition to our product exposure. As a result of these celebrity gift bag participations, Guestpert Christy Whitman has turned her exposure into celebrity relationships that are participating in her upcoming book and project. To see the fantastic photo ops Christy received from the exposure, please check out our TVGuestpert Facebook Page, where you will find ALL of our current media appearances from all of our Guestperts, provided we acquire copies of the bookings.

Which brings us to our next TOPIC:

In 2006 “Get on TV” was published. On page 169, the unspoken policy was written about the protocol of asking Producers for copies of your appearance. It is 2014, and this protocol has not changed. Producers, even if they are nice – and say they will, DO NOT provide copies of your appearances. And for us, the expectation of such, interferes directly with the bookings process. So we ask our Guestperts to be fully self-supporting in acquiring their own appearance either through us directly (pre-ordered) or of their own means.

In today’s technology, you may receive a LINK of your appearance or find this online. This is nice, but links do not LIVE. They are subject to the address of the hosting website that they are on. Folks commonly will post links on their own websites, and when we send potential producers, casting directors, development executives to your site to see the previous appearances, and these links are dead – you look irrelevant, and we look foolish.

That is why we are adamant about acquiring the .mov file of the appearance because you will own the appearance.

Why do you need an . mov file of your appearance? For many reasons: for your website – it LIVES at your own control; so we can have a copy to promote your work; etc.

Following Guestpert TV appearances, if we do not receive .mov files either through TVGuestpert Video Monitoring Services or your own methods of clean recording and conversions, our bookings department is left with their hands tied to move you into larger opportunities - especially without the cumulative material of an updated demo reel. When we have enough video content, we rely as much on the video content as we do the Hot Topics. This is how we work to pop you from local to national bookings. It’s a tried and true formula for us that has worked successfully with many other Guestperts.

A few Guestperts have not posted any content or fresh Hot Topics since the New Year started. Producers read that as you are inactive.

Just to keep working in high collaboration and definitive results, please take a few minutes to review our Hot Topics Guidelines and Membership Guidelines by requesting a copy from Assistant@TVGuestpert.com.

We love what we do and have many opportunities moving at once, so please reach out, if you need support.

Finally, for seasoned and new Guestperts – to stay up on your game – our next On Camera Training is February 22nd, 2014.

Meet the Producer and Behind the Scenes with two-time Emmy Nominated TV Producer Jacquie Jordan and Guest Producer Camilla Granasen Saturday, February 22nd, in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Meet the Producer and Be a Celebrity Guestpert.

Even professional athletes and singers continue to receive coaching, support, and direction as they continue to showcase their craft.

Join TVG for an intensive platform development workshop:* Learn firsthand - what producers need* How to keep your story fresh* How news hooks keep you relevant* The danger of being a one trick pony* Find out what makes a celebrity Guestpert.* Showcase yourself in this rare opportunity on camera in front of a TV Producer

Where: Marina Del Rey Studio from 1-5pm

RSVP: SCobian@TVGuestpert.com or 310-584-1504

GUEST PRODUCER: Camilla is a producer with 20 years’ experience in the world of television, commercials and theater in both Europe and America. Over the past 15 years she has been based in Los Angeles where she has worked on numerous TV shows including the multi award winning TV show Behind the Music, for VH1, the critically acclaimed series Inside TVLand, The Tyra Banks Show, Room Crashers (HGTV), Rob and Amber get Married (CBS), Journey of a Lifetime with Jeremy Piven (Travel Channel), Million Dollar Listing (BRAVO). For the makeover show Before & After’noon Movie (USA Network) she wrote, produced and directed over 40 episodes. She recently sold a show to HGTV which is slated to air in the first quarter of 2014.