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Why do "We the People" keep electing sex addicts into office?

Why do "We the People" keep electing and re-electing untreated sex addicts into political office? I am simply astonished at the shelf life of the fact that, us as U.S. Citizens, keep giving them their jobs back instead of sending them into treatment or back into the private sector.

If the sexual behavior of public system school teachers were remotely as scandalous as our elected Government Officials - we would chant to hang the teachers. They would be considered "monsters." Not that a sex addict is a monster, but we have far less patience for that type of behavior in any other public service sector. Yet, with government elected officials, we are so participatory, as if we really believe, what they do in their private time, has no effect on how they do their jobs.

Is this addictive behavior? According to Dr. Gayani DeSilva, Psychiatrist at St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, "Continuing to engage in sexting even when your life is falling apart is a clear example of sex addiction. Sex addiction is akin to alcoholismaddicts cannot stop despite their best intentions. Anthony Weiner may want to stop sexting women, and may want his marriage to Huma Abedin to succeed, but unless he commits to abstinence every moment of every day, he is powerless to his addiction and will continue to engage in sexting."

It gets even more complicated when the wives defend their husbands instead of admitting that there is a problem. According to Eve Michaels, Author of Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, "You think we would learn to pay attention to allegations of sexual misconduct. Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger had to defend himself against allegations while he was running for office, yet his dutiful wife, Maria Shriver, held steadfast until the evidence was of the utmost overwhelming? It's the same thing here with Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin."

Having been a news producer at the time of the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton Scandal, I was fascinated at the media feeding frenzy and the political machinations that overtook that story, but that type of behavior is absolutely not a political career buster.

So why does society protect and reward men who are in the heat of their sexual predilections - where the line between power and sex is blurred? Gina Cloud, Author of W.O.M.A.N says that, "Society protects the idea of devaluing sex, or treating it as a form of exorcism - expelling their own demons. Sex is sport, and is not an expression of deeper intimacy or connection between two people. Society embraces and thereby encourages this kind of behavior by 'normalizing' it. 'Everybody does it, everybody is doing it, so it must be ok.'"

Century City whistleblower attorney Mychal Wilson says that, "Anthony Weiner should have at least learned his lesson from former NFL Star Brett Favre who was allegedly caught sexting phallic photos of himself after a NY Jet employee blew the whistle on him." Brett Favre didn't lose his job either, but the shaming he took was a pretty bad beating for his image by football fans who have a large threshold of intolerable behavior. "Sadly, maybe Mr. Weiner's addiction is so self-consuming that it may have blinded him from believing the photos would be kept private. And, currently, there really isn't any reasonable expectation of privacy whether communicating by phone or email. Just go ask Eric Snowden and the NSA" says Wilson.

Why in politics is this okay, socially acceptable and rewarded with further employment? "Those words, 'that's just the way it is,' inflame me!" says Gina Cloud, Founder of GinaCology!, "We get involved in the gossip, shake our heads, but don't stop to reflect how we contribute to the status quo. What we buy, what we watch, contributes to our acceptance of these norms that are damaging all of society: women, men and children."

Maybe we're just addicted to the drama of our fellow Politicians.