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A Cautionary Tale of Speaking Points

Speaking points. At TVGuestpert, that is probably the most commonly used phrase. For some Guestperts, it makes them cringe, "again?", they ask. We just experienced witnessing "thin" speaking points as they played out on television. The content was too "thin" to carry the full six minutes and the Guestpert resorted to repeating their previous answers and the hosts resorted to rephrasing the question in the attempt to elicit a different response from our guest. So although, we don't think speaking points should take a long time to do for an inquiry, we do hope that you anchor the depth and the brevity of them when you have your actual appearance. A few ways to handle this: 1) have extra stories to share ie. "In my practice I see blah blah blah"; 2) have a fact or two you can pull out ie. "according to a recent study by blah blah, men are more likely than blah blah blah." If you don't get to these ancillary content pieces, no problem, but nothings worse than being caught on air with nothing substantial to offer. Remember, when one Guestpert does good on TV, it elevates all of us!