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Is Video Monitoring really that important?


We have been asked, on several occasions, if video monitoring is really that important?Here’s our long answer:*BTW - We have seen all the below scenarios happen to Guestperts!

It is never recommended to use a link from another website to play your video; the main reason being, many times the links that are hosted by the TV station do not stay active.

So not only do you lose the appearance but your website will also have an error come up when a producer tries to play it. You also rely on the other site to play the video rather than you being the owner of the actual file. If their site goes down, so does the video on your site. Also, there are times when an appearance may not ever go online at all. Some stations will keep a link active indefinitely - you just can't count on that.

Also, if you end up doing a re-cut demo reel, you will need the .mov files as editors won't be able to use the links.

If you do want to use links (i.e. easier for your IT dept) for your website, we suggest still ordering the .mov files and uploading to your You-tube page and then using the link from your own personal You-tube page. In this case, you will always have a back-up of the appearance on the disc and you can monitor the link - if it were to go down, you can use your back-up file.

Also, 1 quick last note, we (TVGuestpert) purposely send you .mov files as these are the easiest and most universal files to work with - for editors and websites.