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Content Tipping Points

The current content tipping point, as I am witnessing it from a media stand point, is that the conversation relates to or is about the economy, finding jobs, starting businesses, earning money, dealing with the stresses around the areas of earning, debt, student loans, and balancing work. The reason I point this out to our experienced readers or Guestperts and our new visitors, is because "being in the media" is about catching waves of content. Most experts approach being in the media with their surf board of expertise, but don't know how to catch or ride the waves of content. Content changes, and if an expert is locked into the story that they want to tell, they have a surf board in their hands as they stand on the shore lines waiting for their wave to come in. We encourage our Guestperts to anchor their core message and ride many waves of content that might take them out of their "comfort zone" of conversation. We offer a variety of tools and workshops to help stretch that imagination in order to catch the next content tipping point.