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Angelina Jolie makes the Academy Awards HOT!

I loved Angelina Jolie last night at the Academy Awards. I thought she was so true to who she is, which in my opinion is brilliant. In all of today's news, she's being criticized for her provocative pose while giving out the awards at the show last night. But I say, "You go girl!" That's what we love about her, and maybe hate about her too. I worked with Angelina one day on a junket for the film she did with Clive Owens "Beyond Borders" at the New York City junket. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but Angelina carries a viper sensuality that had me feeling two inches tall - like a cartoon character around how she holds her energy. So revealing my own issues around not holding that space. Of course, I am not an Academy Award actress, so my work doesn't call on me to hold or carry that energy in my day to day life, if she actually does carry that energy when she's not representing herself publically. I cannot, of course, speak to that reference. And so few women, actually do hold that 'make you squirm with sensuality' space in everyday living. I think that's why she's so provocative by her very nature. She says, "Who cares that I am a mother of six, world famous, humanitarian, 'almost/wife', and new director - 'I am hot'." I love it when I am reminded of the capacity of who I am, and who I don't allow myself to be - for whatever reason, right or wrong. Which is why I love the expressive nature of my work at TVGuestpert. We are publishing a book this coming summer called, "Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy" where our Author/Guestpert Eve Michaels (no irony on the archetype of our author's first name) believes that all women are responsibility for holding that space of sensuality and beauty and that the idea of 'comfort' is just an excuse for our own lack of full expression. I think things are just about going to get a little hotter around here!